Newborn Puppy Constipation Relief

A healthy puppy should have 2 to 3 bowel movements in a day. If your puppy goes for 24 hours without passing stool, exhibits infrequent bowel movements over a few days and has difficulties defecating because the stool is dry and hard then he is certainly experiencing constipation.

A constipated puppy will appear restless, uncomfortable and sometimes even in pain. It is common for the dog to lose appetite and move around much less than usual.

While seeing your puppy in distress is heartbreaking, there are steps you can take to make her feel better. Read on to understand what may be causing the problem, what you can do to relieve it and how to prevent it from happening again.

Is My Puppy Constipated?Puppies rarely need enemas to relieve constipation. The most common concern we have in young puppies is diarrhea. Before you move forward with

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Is Your Newborn Puppy Constipated?

You may believe that your newborn puppy is constipated if they are straining while trying to pass feces or if they are lazy and overweight. This is because active puppies have a healthier bowel movement.

Diarrhea and constipation have similar symptoms. To determine whether the newborn puppy actually has constipation, it is important to be sure. You can check by using a thermometer:

  • Use a lubricant jelly, petroleum jelly or Vaseline to lubricate the thermometer
  • Place the thermometer 1 or 2 inches inside the puppy’s rectum, and examine the stool that sticks to the thermometer when it is taken out. If the stool is hard, that means that the newborn puppy is constipated, and if it is soft, it may indicate diarrhea.
  • How To Get My Newborn Puppy To Poop?

    You should be able to tell when your puppy is pooping. Puppies need to have a bowel movement every day. I’m trying to train my newborn puppy not to poop in the house! How can I help?

    As a rule, puppies don’t poop unless they’re in a safe place. If you need to help help your puppy learn, try taking Them outside every hour or so for about 15 minutes and give them some time to play.


    How can I tell if newborn puppy is constipated?

    The signs of constipation are reluctance to drink (or eat), moaning and groaning, and a very hard and enlarged abdomen. Most constipated puppies will have bouts of straining around a rigid abdomen. Give them plenty of stimulation to the abdomen.

    How do you help a newborn puppy poop?

    Massage your puppies’ genital area with a moist cloth to stimulate bladder and bowel action. After two weeks, puppies should urinate and defecate on their own. Watch them carefully to make sure that happens.

    What happens if a newborn puppy can’t poop?

    By the time they are a week old, puppies may only need to defecate every 2 or 3 hours. A newborn puppy may not defecate as often if it is not stimulated properly by its mother or if it is constipated.

    How do you make a constipated puppy poop?

    Simple dog constipation treatments often include:
    1. Canned pumpkin.
    2. Bran cereal.
    3. Metamucil, Siblin, or a similar product.
    4. Canned dog food to increase moisture.
    5. Exercise.
    6. Extra water.
    7. Enemas.