Nutro Dog Food Recall 2014

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  • Nutro Pet Foods make a similar claim to many other pet food brands – ‘Real Chicken’ or ‘Real Beef’ is the #1 ingredient. With Nutro, they make the claim directly on their label (as opposed to on their website).

    Even though these were simple questions, Nutro did not respond. We submitted these questions via the contact form on the Nutro website on 5/2/22 and again on 5/9/22 receiving confirmation both times our message was received. Nutro did not respond to either message.

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    We asked Nutro: “And s on your website and label show a half of an apple and whole blueberries. Yet your ingredient descriptions indicate you use powdered forms of these ingredients. Isn’t that misleading to consumers?“

    This Nutro brand (Ultra) makes the claim they use “Non-GMO ingredients”. However they include the disclaimer:

    [ Post a Reply to This Message ] [ Edit | View ] [> Re: Sick dogMary, 07:57:38 03/12/14 Wed [1] In mid-Feb 2014 we were feeding our 4-1/2 mo old Boston Terrier Nutro Ultra puppy food and she loved it. We had been buying the 4.5 lb bags but decided to get a big (15 lb) bag since it was going so well. That night I fed her from that bag. 4 hrs later she vomited bile and started having gassy, stinky, watery diarrhea which has been going on every day since with no relief. I emailed Nutro to ask if they had changed the recipe or if larger bags were produced on a different production line from the small bags. Of course—NO response. She had all her shots and wormings as supposed to. The vet put her on Metrodizanole which has not helped. All she has to eat now is rice & chicken/or ground beef. ONE small meal from a new bag of food—and our lives changed–literally overnight.

    [ Post a Reply to This Message ] [ Edit | View ] [> Re: Sick dogSharon L Kleczka, 17:25:30 11/06/13 Wed [1] My dog had been eating Natural Choice Large Breed than Senior Large Breed Chicken Formula. My dog loved it, and the vet always commented on what great shape he was in. I always bought the large bag which I kept in large sealed plastic containers as it lasted him approximately six months. He went in for a complete vet exam on Oct. 23, 2013, just turning 8 years old, his vet was impressed and commented once again on his excellent health. I bought a new bag of food on Oct. 27, 2013. Within two days he was throwing up everything he ate, every time he ate. I found these complaints, back to Petco it went, they are great that way, and I choice a different brand, of course hes not happy, but the vomiting ended when I took the food away.

    [ Post a Reply to This Message ] [ Edit | View ] [> Re: Sick dog — Dianne, 09:31:21 11/11/13 Mon [1] Similar story. New packaging and new formula and dogs were throwing up bile. Threw it all away thanks to reading these comments. Starting TOTW later this week after a rice and chicken diet for a few days to settle their poor tummies. And to think I let this go for 5-6 months!!! So much for Nutro and their sensitive stomach chicken rice oatmeal blend.

    [ Post a Reply to This Message ] [ Edit | View ] [> Re: Sick dog — Cheryl, 20:57:39 02/25/14 Tue [1] Our morkie got very sick,vomiting several times per day until we realized it was the natural choice dod food. We had switched from Iams. Went back on Iams, no problems. I googled and found others have had same problem.

    [ Post a Reply to This Message ] [ Edit | View ] [> [> Re: Sick dog — Board Owner, 13:44:08 04/18/14 Fri [1] With so many junk parts being used in the food now, there is no telling which one is making them throw up bile. We hope your pet thrives on a new food.


    What Nutro dog food was recalled?

    And in March 2007, as part of the massive Menu Foods/melamine recall that shocked the country, various cans and pouches of Nutro Natural Choice, Nutro Ultra and Nutro Max dog and cat foods were recalled because of potential melamine contamination.

    Did Nutro dog food Change 2021?

    In early 2021, the brand will reveal its new packaging and updated recipes. The NUTRO brand is refreshing its dry dog food products to reveal a fresh, clean look. The brand is also bringing new ingredients into its NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE recipes, such as kale, spinach, egg and tomato.

    Did Nutro dog food go out of business?

    Nutro Max dog food wasn’t the first product line to be discontinued, and it certainly won’t be the last. Fortunately, though, the brand still has plenty of great formulas available to purchase from supermarkets, pet stores, and all kinds of online retailers.

    Why did NUTRO change their formula?

    The rebranding is designed to embody the brand’s philosophy: Feed Clean™. This includes no artificial ingredients, chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy proteins. The philosophy is shaped around simple, purposeful and trustworthy nutrition, according to Nutro.