O Ring Choker Meaning

As a collar

Collars featuring such rings are often worn by submissives to indicate that they are in a steady relationship.

What is a BDSM Collar?

Simply put, a BDSM collar is a piece of jewelry with a secret meaning. Traditionally, a BDSM collar is something worn about the neck, like a necklace or a choker. Although other types of jewelry worn other places (such as anklets or bracelets) can also be BDSM collars.

Historically, bondage collars were thick bands of black leather or PVC worn tight to the neck, choker style, with a large D or O ring to the front. They often were secured on with a lock, and were only removed by the dominant party of the relationship.

Today, BDSM collars range from the traditional leather look, to dainty pendant necklaces and simple chains. You’ve probably seen a friend or coworker wearing a discreet bdsm collar without knowing it

O Ring Choker Meaning

Alright, let’s be honest. We all know that some chokers can resemble dog collars, specifically the chokers with an actual ring to attach a dog leash to. I remember the first time I basically wore a dog collar with a circle ring to a party, and everyone kept joking about how they were going to put me on a leash. But, that was almost 2 years ago. So, what the fuck is that ring even called, and why has it become fashionable?

This is not going to be an article about BDSM if that’s what you were thinking, so let’s cut to the chase. BDSM and “fetish” items have become widely popular in western societies’ by the gothic subculture, heavy metal and “avant garde” fashion. Well, this popular symbol isn’t so avant garde anymore, because it’s literally on everything.

It started out with thick leather chokers attached by a single ring, and now these rings have kind of lost their meaning, at least in the fashion world. They’re on belts, shirts, pants, shoes, bracelets, bags, and more. They’re pretty much taking over.

Here’s a list of some badass items with the o-ring, and don’t worry, no one’s going to think you like to be put on a leash. Unless you’re into it!

Calling all ladies searching for the sexiest one-piece, cause this suit is fucking HOT. It shows the perfect amount of skin if your looking for that suit that’s not quite a bikini but not quite a one piece. You could definitely consider this piece as more of a “soft goth” item.

The D-Ring BDSM Collar with Leash

I own a black leather BDSM collar, around two inches wide, with soft felt padding on the inside for comfort. It has small, small, silver studs around its middle, approximately two inches apart, and three silver D-rings. A weighty, metre long, silver chain clips to the middle D-ring at one end, and has a looped leather strip at the other for holding.

O Ring Choker Meaning

The classic that is conjured up when you talk to vanilla people about collars is a submissive woman with a wide, black leather collar around her neck attached to a leash, naked or wearing lingerie, on her hands and knees or tied to some piece of furniture with cuffs or rope.

This is basically what I use this collar for. There’s nothing subtle about it. It’s in your face, bold and whoever is wearing it won’t forget they are. Its stronger construction lends itself to rougher play without having to worry about it falling apart.

And that’s why I primarily use it in two situations: at BDSM kink parties where I wish to lead my sub around in public, and during sex at home.

The leash is useful in the bedroom too. I can pull on it when behind my sub either when she is standing or being taken from behind during doggy, useful if she enjoys choking play.


What do O rings mean?

: a ring (as of synthetic rubber) used as a gasket.

What is a collar ring?

Ring around the collar is a combination of dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, and body oils that build up around the collar area of a dress shirt causing it to turn a yellowish, brownish color.