Ozzy Osbourne Pomeranian Rocky

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Ozzy Osbourne Pomeranian Rocky

  • 9-year old Pomeranian.
  • Bella is a celebrity in her own right. She was on the cover of Dog Magazine in 2018. Shes also been on TV many times.
  • Bella is very much a diva.
  • Shes a world traveler, but she doesnt like to walk a lot. And she hates cold weather.
  • Her favorite pastime is nipping at mens ankles as they leave the house!

  • Rocky is Ozzys dog.
  • Hes a 9-year old black and chocolate Pomeranian.
  • His official name is “Rocky the Rockstar.”
  • He has also been in magazines and on TV numerous times.
  • Rocky has a very full coat of natural hair (definitely not a weave) that other dogs and Diana Ross would die for!
  • Rocky loves music and is known for being a headbanger.
  • He is very calm, cool, and collected.
  • He has an extraordinary sense of confidence about him, which makes him very popular with the ladies.
  • Rocky keeps a very busy schedule as he seldom has time for other dogs.
  • Rocky doesnt give kisses easily. You have to earn them!
  • He had his portrait painted by a very famous artist, which was on display in a museum for a time.

  • Alfie is a 14-year old rescue. We rescued him as a puppy.
  • We dont know what breed.
  • Because of his gray hair and facial hair, Alfie is often confused for a member of the British Parliament.
  • Recently recovered from major surgery and came out fine
  • Everyone adores Alfie. Hes a hearbreaker.
  • Ozzy Osbourne Pomeranian Rocky

  • Charlie is a 10-year old Yorkie mix rescue.
  • He loves the outdoors and loves to bark at birds.
  • Charlie is happiest when hes at one with nature.
  • Hes a bit smelly as hes not too keen on bathing. Charlie prefers to refer to it as a natural Earthy smell.
  • REBA

  • Reba is a rescue dog from Houston.
  • She was found in a plastic bag on the side of the freeway.
  • When Ozzy was in Houston doing a concert last year, a friend of ours who runs a dog rescue brought Reba to the show. Ozzy fell in love with Reba and the rest is history.

  • Pepsi and I met in December 2018.
  • Shes a 10-year old Maltese mix who belonged to a friend of mines grandmother who passed away at the age of 101. So, Pepsi was left an orphan.
  • I told my friend I would take her and see if she got on with the rest of my kids (doggies).
  • Her first day in the house, she found her way up to the master bedroom and has never left. Shes a total cuddle muffin!
  • Pets by Nature | Sharon Osbourne

    Photo Credit: Thames/Syco

    “I’m so happy to let everyone know that I finished my new album this week and delivered it to my label @EpicRecords. I’ll be sharing all the information about the album and its’ upcoming release with you in the next several weeks.”

    Per the caption associated with this footage, Jack Osbourne wrote, “Update: Dad is on the mend and still FaceTiming the dogs ‍♂️ Thank you for all the love & support!”

    Footage of Ozzy talking to his little Pomeranian Rocky comes from his son Jack Osbourne’s Instagram account; Jack also speaks to Ozzy’s excitement in seeing the family dog. At the beginning of the video, Jack says, “Dad’s on the phone to Rocky. One might think Dad gets more excited over things about his Pomeranian than anything else.”

    Isn’t that just super wholesome? We are very glad that Ozzy seems to be doing relatively well under these circumstances. We wish him all the best in his recovery.

    In other news related to the legendary rocker, Ozzy Osbourne recently announced that his new album is complete. Per a post Ozzy Osbourne made on his Instagram account roughly a couple weeks ago regarding his new album, he wrote the following:


    What happened to Ozzy’s dog Rocky?

    Ozzy’s dog, Rocky, is recovering from a knee operation. Ozzy Osbourne is very jealous ‘cos Rocky’s on pain killers every 4 hours.

    How many Pomeranians does Sharon Osbourne have?

    Rocky is Ozzy’s dog. He’s a 9-year old black and chocolate Pomeranian. His official name is “Rocky the Rockstar.” He has also been in magazines and on TV numerous times.

    How many dogs does Ozzy Osbourne have?

    (Aimée) rescued him from Texas, it took Zippy a bit to trust, but now he is pure joy!” Osbourne said. Sharon has a pack of 11 pets as she lovingly refers to them on social media. The pack includes Pomeranians, Pomskies, a Shih-Tzu, a Yorkie mix, a Maltese mix, and two cats.