Pet Supplies Plus Return Policy

When you bring a fish home from a pet store, you don’t bring it with an intention to return. But sometimes there may be incidents when the fish dies within a few days, falls sick or does not adjust to the environment.

In such cases, you may want to return the fish. However, not all pet stores offer a return policy.

But you don’t have to worry about that now. There are 3 amazing stores that lets you return the fish you bought from them! These are – Petsmart, Petco and Pet Supplies Plus.

ALL RETURNS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 7 DAYS. All return merchandise must be in its original packaging with tags and in resalable condition. For health reasons, we are not able to return or exchange the following items: pet beds, pet crates, pet carriers and totes, e-collars, or pet grooming supplies.

FAQs Get answers right away by reading our frequently asked questions. LOGIN CURBSIDE PICKUP DELIVERY AUTOSHIP GROOMING PHARMACY PET SUPPLIES PLUS REWARDS OTHER SHOW ALL Are all products eligible for Autoship?Yes! Are prescription items refundable?We are unable to take returns or offer refunds on prescription products due to state and federal laws prohibiting pharmacies, including those providing home delivery, to resell prescription products, even if unopened. For food, we offer a guarantee on all items. If your order arrives damaged or in any way defective, or if your pet refuses to eat the food, please call Vetsource at (877) 684-3294 for a replacement or refund. You don’t need to return the item – you can donate it or safely discard it. Can I order my pet’s prescription at a Pet Supplies Plus store?No. All pharmacy orders must be placed on the pharmacy site. Visit

When ordering online, you can select your veterinarian to request their approval on your prescription during checkout. Vetsource will obtain your veterinarians approval. You must have an established relationship with the veterinarian you select at checkout.

Some vets require you to pick up a prescription and mail it to Vetsource. If that is required, you will be notified on the Order Confirmation page.

  • For medications, write your order number & phone number on the original copy of your prescriptions and mail to: Attn: PSP Approvals, Vetsource, 17014 NE Sandy BLVD, Portland, OR 97230.
  • For nutrition, write your order number & phone number, and email an of the prescription to [email protected].
  • How do I order my pets prescription online? Once you have selected your veterinarian and the product(s) they have recommended for your pet, a prescription request is routed to your veterinarian for approval. Once approved, your prescription will be shipped to your door. How long does it take to get vet approval and receive my pets prescription? Vet approval takes a few business days, and standard shipping takes four to five business days. How long does it take to process a prescription if I select my veterinarian before ordering? Vetsource will immediately contact your veterinarian to review the prescription request. Typically, veterinarians respond to prescription approval requests within a few business days. If a response isnt immediate, Vetsource will attempt to get the prescription approved for up to seven days before your order is canceled. Is delivery available to my address? Yes. We ship pharmacy items directly to your doorstep. You do not need to live within 7 miles of a Pet Supplies Plus store to qualify for prescription delivery. Vetsource ships to all 50 states except for pet food deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii. Is Pet Supplies Plus a licensed pharmacy? No. Pet Supplies Plus has partnered with Vetsource to fulfill prescription medications and food orders. Is there a shipping fee for pharmacy products? Orders over $35 and all pharmacy Autoship orders ship free with standard shipping. Additional shipping options are outlined

    Yes, the coupon can be redeemed in-store or online.

    In-store Redemptions:

  • The Reward coupon must be presented to the team member for application to the transaction either via scanning the barcode or manually entering the 20-digit code.
  • Online Redemptions:

  • Enter the 20-digit code in the promo code box at checkbox and hit apply.
  • If a transaction is cancelled before being completed, points are not applied, and the coupon remains active.
  • Can I transfer points to someone else? No, points are not transferable. Do Autoship orders earn points? Yes, Autoship orders earn points each time an Autoship payment is completed. Skipped Autoship orders do not result in a charge, and therefore do not earn points. Do I need to have an online account to participate in Pet Supplies Plus Rewards? Yes, to access all your benefits and Member Dashboard, you must have an online account. If you dont have an online account, you will still receive in-store member pricing, but you wont be able to access other program features and benefits. Do points expire? Yes, points expire one year after they are earned. When points are redeemed, they are redeemed “first in, first out,” which means “oldest” points are redeemed first. Does it cost anything to enroll in Pet Supplies Plus Rewards? No, enrollment is free. How are points calculated? You earn 5 points for every $1 dollar spent. If an item is on sale or a coupon is applied, points are awarded based on the price you pay for that item. Points earned are rounded to the nearest whole number for each product. How can I track my purchases and points? Purchases and points can be tracked on the online

    Redeeming Points: You may redeem your points for a Reward in the Redeem Points section of your Member Dashboard once you have enough points for your Reward of choice. Regardless of what Reward you choose, a coupon will be emailed to you and will also appear on your Member Dashboard in the Reward History section. Your Reward will be emailed to you.

    Note: You must choose to redeem points for a Reward. Rewards will not be issued automatically.

    Free Product Rewards: Once youve completed the purchase requirements for your free product Reward, a coupon will be emailed to you and can be accessed on your Member Dashboard in the Product Rewards section. You do not need to redeem any points for your free product Rewards. These Rewards will be sent automatically upon qualification – no action is needed by you to receive these Rewards. How do I redeem points? You choose how to redeem your points via the online Pet Supplies Plus Rewards Member Dashboard. Your dashboard will display the Rewards eligible for redemption and how many points are needed to earn other Rewards. Rewards will not be issued until you select which Reward you wish to receive. How do I register for the program? Provide all necessary registration information to enroll online. If you were an existing Preferred Pet Club or Neighbor Rewards Program member, log in or create an online account and accept the Terms and Conditions of

    Existing Preferred Pet Club and Neighbor Rewards Program members must log in or create an online account and accept the Terms and Conditions of Pet Supplies Plus Rewards to have full access to the benefits of the program.

    Pet Supplies Rewards Terms and Conditions cannot be accepted in store. This must be completed through your online account.

  • When you log in to Rewards for the first time, you will be presented with Terms and Conditions. Please accept them in order to have full access to Rewards.
  • If you dont have an existing account with us, please visit to create an account.
  • Points: We will track all existing Preferred Pet Club purchases and associated points for them beginning at launch, regardless of whether Terms and Conditions for the new program have been accepted.

  • Once you accept the Terms and Conditions, all points you have accrued since the launch of Pet Supplies Plus Rewards will be added to your account.
  • You cannot redeem any points until youve accepted the Terms and Conditions.
  • Free Product Rewards:

  • Existing Neighbor Rewards Program Members: There will be no change in free product counts or issuance for current Neighbor Rewards Program members. You will continue to receive any free bag coupons regardless of if you have accepted the new Terms and Conditions.
  • Neighbors not previously enrolled in Neighbor Rewards Program: Once you accept the Terms and Conditions, we will load your account with any product purchase credits from the past seven days, and you will begin accruing toward free participating items.
  • Is anything excluded from earning points?

    Points are not earned on the following:

  • Shipping and delivery fees
  • Taxes
  • Coupons or promotions
  • Rx purchases
  • The purchase of a gift card
  • Any other items as specified during transaction
  • Is the Neighbor Rewards Program going away?

    Neighbor Rewards Program benefits are now part of Pet Supplies Plus Rewards. Your progress in the Neighbor Rewards Program will be carried into Pet Supplies Plus Rewards. You can continue to earn free products after completing the specified number of qualifying purchases.

    You can continue to earn free product after meeting the purchase requirements set by participating brands that have partnered with Pet Supplies Plus. The number of units needed to qualify for the free product may vary by brand. Is the Preferred Pet Club going away? The name Preferred Pet Club will be retired at the launch of Pet Supplies Plus Rewards; however, we will still offer the discounts (previously referred to as PPC) on select items in-store and online to Rewards members. What are the benefits of Pet Supplies Plus Rewards?

  • Get 5 points for ever $1 spent. Redeem your points to get a Reward.
  • Rack up bonus points by taking fun polls, surveys and more.
  • Earn free product from select brands after qualifying purchases.
  • Get early and exclusive access to events and giveaways.
  • Redeem your Reward to save on your next purchase.
  • Discover personalized content just for you and your pet on the Member Dashboard.
  • What can I redeem my points for?

  • $5 off coupon for every 1,000 points redeemed
  • 1,000 points = $5 off coupon
  • 2,000 points = $10 off coupon
  • 3,000 points = $15 off coupon
  • 4,000 points = $20 off coupon
  • Points may be redeemed by logging onto the Member Dashboard, following the prompts to redeem points and then: (i) Applying them as a coupon to product purchases; OR (ii) Applying them as a coupon to service appointments. LIMIT: One (1) coupon per transaction.

  • Points must be redeemed in 1,000 point increments.
  • These coupons can be used on any purchase in-store or online.
  • The coupon expires 60 days after the date of issue.
  • Coupons will not be automatically issued – you must choose to redeem your points for a coupon.
  • What happens if I return an item? If you return an item, any points earned will be deducted from your point total. If the point value of the return is greater than the point value in your account, the account will show a negative balance until future purchases are made to bring the account positive. What happens if I use my Reward coupon for a product or service less than the value of the coupon? The coupon may only be applied to one transaction. Any leftover amount on coupon is forfeited (e.g., a $5 coupon applied to a $4.78 product forfeits the remaining $0.22). What if I forget to use my account for a purchase?

    If you do not identify your membership status during purchase, you have up to 30 days to claim points. To claim points, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of a transaction receipt.

    Contact Neighbor Services via a web contact from (URL: to provide proof of purchase. Neighbor Services will verify proof of purchase and manually credit points to the members account. Account lookup may be conducted by providing Neighbor Services with the members account. Account lookup may be conducted by providing Neighbor Services with the members name, email, phone number, and/or member ID. Your account will reflect the points within a few days. What is Pet Supplies Plus Rewards? Pet Supplies Plus Rewards is our new and improved loyalty program! It is a points-based program that rewards our loyal neighbors for their purchases and engagement with Pet Supplies Plus. Pet Supplies Plus Rewards has all the perks you love from Preferred Pet Club and Neighbor Rewards Program, plus even more ways to get rewarded and exclusive offers just for you. Who is eligible to enroll in Pet Supplies Plus Rewards?

    To be eligible to enroll, you must be 16 years or older and provide a valid email and phone number. You must accept Terms and Conditions. No purchase is necessary to join the program. To access all features of Rewards, you must create an online account. Employees of Pet Supplies Plus and their families are eligible to participate in the loyalty program. Pet Supplies Plus reserves the right to revoke membership at any time. Why hasnt my total point balance been updated after my purchase is completed? It may take a few days for points to be reflected in your total point balance.

  • Acceptable substitutions for items in your order
  • Instructions for where we should leave your package
  • Navigation that will help us find your location
  • Information required to access your delivery location (gate code, drop-off location in apartment complex, etc.)
  • Find the product you would like to add to your Autoship order
  • Select delivery for fulfillment on the product detail page
  • Select Autoship at checkout for any eligible products and set your delivery frequency
  • Save on your first Autoship order. Savings automatically applied at checkout.
  • Always receive sale pricing, plus an additional 5% savings on future orders.
  • Skip or cancel at any time without fees.
  • Set a delivery schedule that works for you.
  • Earn Neighbor Rewards on qualifying products.
  • $10 minimum subtotal (after all discounts) to qualify for Autoship. Free delivery for orders with a subtotal (after all discounts) of $35+ and $4.95 delivery fee for orders between $10-$34.99. First Autoship discount savings maximum of $25. 5% reoccurring discount does not apply to initial order. Discounts apply to eligible products only. No coupon required. Must be enrolled in Neighbor Rewards to earn rewards.

    Yes. Product brought in must:

  • Be in its original container.
  • Be specifically formulated for dogs.
  • Cannot be for treatment of fleas, ticks, mites, or mange. No flea dips of any kind may be applied in the grooming salon.
  • All remaining product will be returned to you.

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    Get more info about your Pet Supplies Plus questions.

    Can You Return Sick Fish to Petco?

    Yes, Petco only allows returns for sick fish if you’re returning in the next 30 days. But you also need to prove the fish keeper with the proof of illness identified by the vet so that your return is legitimatized.


    Does Pet Supplies Plus take returns?

    Most Pet Supplies Plus locations are willing to accept a return with a valid receipt even if the product has been opened or was partially used.

    Can I return to Pet Supplies Plus without a receipt?

    Perishable goods such as food, treats and supplements cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases. To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.

    Can you return opened dog food?

    You can return opened food to PetSmart if you do so within 14 days. Of course, you must show proof of purchase, so always hang on to your receipts.

    Will PetSmart do an exchange without a receipt?

    Returns or Exchanges Without a Receipt or With a Receipt Older Than 60 Days: Bring the product and a valid ID to any store and a merchandise return card for the most recent sale amount will be issued. If making an exchange, any positive balance will be refunded in the original form of tender.