Petco Grooming Apprentice Pay

Groomer Apprentices make an hourly pay. They do not receive commission until they become Pet Stylists. The grooming apprentice is a temporary job to prepare you to become a stylist. Pay is $10 during the first three months at your home store location working with the Grooming Leader to learn the basics.

Our Dog Trainer Apprenticeship is a comprehensive training program that prepares you for the role of Dog Trainer in your store. As the primary resource for Petco’s Positive Dog Training program, you’ll enhance communication and teamwork between dogs and pet parents by offering positive solutions and rewarding success, while providing a fun and safe environment for dogs, pet parents, and store partners.

Here, you’ll use your creative skills and attention to detail to groom cats and dogs, while paying special attention to Petco policies and procedures, including the GUEST+ model and OSE standards. You’ll provide quick and courteous service to pets and their parents, and of course, you’ll follow pet parents’ specific requests, while making the safety of all animals in your care your top priority.

Our Petco Certified Stylists, state-of-the-art pet spas, and rigorous safety standards mean pet parents can trust us to care for their pet—from nose to tail. That’s why we begin every grooming service by conducting our 7-Point Pet Care Check, a visual and physical screening to make sure nothing looks or feels abnormal. Pet health matters, so we take the time to carefully inspect pet’s eyes; ears; teeth; nose; under-side; skin and coat; and nails and pads to make sure pets are healthy—and ready to be pampered.

Our Dog Trainers take a personal interest in providing quality training for dogs and valuable education to our pet parent customers. Your positive approach to dog training and deep understanding of canine behavior will enable you to conduct dog-training classes while consulting with pet parents to solve training and behavioral issues. You’ll also help nurture the bonds between dogs and their pet parents by using positive reinforcement.

If you’re already experienced in pet grooming or own an independent pet grooming business, you’ll enjoy the freedom and stability we offer. If you’re just starting out, we offer a Stylist Training Program to get you started. In fact, we offer many different layers of safety, policy, advanced, and specialty training to help you advance, from Salon Apprentice all the way up to Grooming Salon Leader.


Do you get paid by Petsmart as a groomer trainees?

Petsmart offers a free, paid training program that will set you up for success. Stage 1– Pet Stylist Apprentice: Jump start your education by getting hands-on experience with our pets. These pets become our own pets while they are in our care, so our number one priority is to get safety certified.

Do Petco employees get commission?

They do not receive commission until they become Pet Stylists. Does Petco pay weekly or bi-weekly? Petco pays bi-weekly.