Petco Vs Petsmart Grooming Prices

Petco and PetSmart are two of the biggest pet supplies retailers in the U.S. They are incredibly similar, but there are some differences that could affect who you shop with. Let’s talk about Petco and PetSmart and give you the info you need to decide who you’re going to choose as your pet store.

Overview of PetSmart:

To work as a groomer in PetSmart, you must have over 800 hours of hands-on grooming training. Before grooming customers’ pets, each person must bathe, groom, and style over 200 dogs of different breeds and sizes. Employees also have an annual health certification that they must pass. Several grooming packages include nail clipping, bathing, shampooing, brushing, trimming, ear cleaning, and more. The only thing we didn’t see was a toothbrushing service

Many grooming packages are available that can increase or decrease in cost depending on the services required. For example, a basic package for puppies that intends to clean the dog and get it used to the grooming process can cost as little as $15, while larger breeds requiring a FURminator to reduce shedding can cost as much as $100 or more.

PetSmart has several training courses that can help your pet behave. For example, they offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced training for all dog breeds and anxiety training that can help dogs with separation anxiety and those feeling stressed. There’s also a therapy and brain game training course and a short introductory course to get you started.

Their small introductory course is only $25, and the anxiety course is $75. Most other courses are $139, and there are no packages that require you to buy more than one to complete the course. The only downside is that there are more total training hours offered in the multiple courses offered by Petco.

Like Petco, PetSmart has more than 1,000 stores across the United States, ensuring you don’t have to travel far to get the supplies you need. They’re large stores containing an extensive collection of supplies for any pet, and you can also purchase what you need using their online website and have it delivered directly to your home within a few days. Pros

  • Less expensive
  • Highly trained groomers
  • Employees need to pass annual certifications
  • Several grooming and training packages
  • Packages include brushing, shampoo, nail clipping, and ear cleaning
  • Cons

    Overview of Petco:

    Petco offers several grooming packages tailored specifically to your dog’s breed. Haircuts include a deep cleaning shampoo, styling, brush out, gland expression, and scented spritz. A seven-point care checklist ends in a report card stating what groomers did. Baths also include a deep cleaning shampoo, low dry, brush out, gland expression, and nail clipping. You can get many of these services individually without an appointment in many stores.

    Baths typically start at about $22 for smaller breeds and go up to $39 for larger dogs, while grooming typically starts at $38 and can increase to about $68.

    Petco also offers several training options for your pet, including multiple puppy level courses, puppy essentials, puppy complete, adult essentials, adult complete, and the separation anxiety course. In addition, you can take the training courses in person or online.

    There are multiple training sessions you can purchase, and they cost between $99 and $379 each. In addition, some courses have multiple stages, so you need to purchase more than one course to train your dog completely, making some of these courses quite expensive.

    Petco is a huge store with plenty of merchandise for any pet, and what you can’t find in stock, you can purchase it online and have it delivered to your home. Most items ship within one or two days. Pros

  • Multiple training courses
  • Bathing and grooming packages include nail trimming and gland expression
  • Teeth cleaning services
  • No appointment for small services
  • Cons

    Here is the list of Petsmart vs Petco prices

    It’s time to know the difference between Petsmart and Petco. Petsmart has made Vet offices as a part of the store and also sells cats and dogs as a business, which Petco does not. You may never find any kind of animal being sold that would be used as foods. So, you may need to visit another store if you want to buy crickets, mice, or feeder fish.

    While Petco doesn’t have many Vets office, but you can find their stores every town and they make cats and dogs available by working or collaborating with the local adoption groups. And also, they sell animals like rats, mice, crickets, mealworms, and feeder fish – that would be used as food. The Petsmart’s worker is drug tested while the employees don’t even need to be drug tested to work at Petco. In terms of Pet safety – I would rather choose Petsmart over Petco so that I can feel relax and stress-free while my pet being groomed by the workers at Petsmart.

    Other than that Petco has a lack of workers and their fish tank and small animal’s cages remain uncleaned most of the time while PetSmart always ensures daily cleanliness and maintains attractiveness all day long.Petco and Petsmart both claim to have an experienced and professional staff that knows animals, but my experience from a Petco is different and I have to disagree. I don’t think that Petco does have many professionals and the experienced ones to take care of my pet effectively.


    Which is better Petco or PetSmart for grooming?

    If you need to groom or train your pet, PetSmart is likely the better option because it costs less, offers about the same basic packages, and the groomers are highly trained and required to take yearly certification tests.

    Is Petco cheaper than PetSmart?

    In some cases they had the same brands but different products. In other instances they were completely different brands. As you can see, there’s no 100% winner in who is cheaper on pet supplies: PetSmart or PetCo. However, 73% of the items selected at random were cheaper at PetSmart than they were at PetCo.

    Why is Petco better than PetSmart?

    Petco connects customers with third-party service providers, much like Uber or Airbnb. As a result, the overall quality of Petco’s boarding services might be lower than PetSmart’s. In addition, Petco has stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico, while PetSmart has stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.

    How much does it cost to get your dog washed at PetSmart?

    Petco connects customers with third-party service providers, much like Uber or Airbnb. As a result, the overall quality of Petco’s boarding services might be lower than PetSmart’s. In addition, Petco has stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico, while PetSmart has stores in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada.