Petco With Self Wash

Walk-ins welcome for all our self-wash stations!

Self-Wash Pricing

Total Transfurmation

A perfect solution for any special-need skin and coat. Choose from 4 all-natural shampoos to treat your pet’s specific needs.


Wash N’ Go

A quicker, easier way of bathing your pet! Choose from 3 of our most-loved shampoos and end with our restorative conditioner to nourish your pet’s skin and coat.


Hot Aloe Treatment

A perfect add-on to treat and soothe dry skin! This deep coat conditioning treatment helps to relieve itching and returns moistures to the skin and coat.


Quick word about brushing and the Furminator. Before you give your pet a bath you should always use a rake to get the loose debris off the coat. (I’d done this at home, if you’re going to Petco’s Dog Wash you should either do this at home or bring a rake with you, the kit doesn’t have a rake.) Raking is specially important for long haired dogs.

The Furminator is a great tool, at least I think so. (There’s a whole debate about this, you either like it or you don’t). This tool has a blade so use it carefully. It’s great for picking up the undercoat, but if you over brush it ends up taking off the guard hairs. Over brushing may also irritate or burn your dog’s skin. Also use the correct Furminator, they have them for short, medium, and long hair dogs.

I thought this was a bargain! I normally pay close to $100 for grooming, but that includes nail trim, gland extraction, and 2 hours of brushing. When I drop her off for grooming it takes about 5-6 hours. I have to say they do a better job, but for in between times, and emergencies, the self-service dog wash is great. I’m sure we’ll be heading back again very soon. It’s still raining here, and she does love to dig and roll in the mud.

There was a tub with a removable side for dogs to walk in. The tubs were all clean and had no-slip mats in place. There are 3 hooks attached to the tub so you can latch the dog to one of them while bathing. The hand held nozzle sprays warm water when needed.

Best of all there were no towels to wash, hair to clean out of the tub or sweep off the floor. When we were done we walked over to the cashier to let her know we were done, got a free doggie treat and were on our way to our training class.

2nd Dog Discount – $2 (if dogs share a tub) Bring Your Own Shampoo Discount – $2 Fiesta Island Spritz.- $7 (quick rinse, no shampoo or products, BYO towels)

MEDICATED SHAMPOOS – $5AminoFlex Moisture – Quench thirsty skin and coats TropiClean Neem Flea – Get rid of pesky fleas naturally Microtek Medicated – Medicated wash for skin boo-boo’s Zymox Enzymatic – soothe inflamed and itchy skin​

Was our first time and was amazing experience, Mr penny enjoyed his showering ..! Definitely well be back ♥ the staff was very friendly..! Thank you guys..! Shawna Malawskey 2021-06-14

Both of my babys look amazing and smell way better. And my fluffy pup Star cut looks adorable. Maria Jose Finete 2021-04-10

Toothbrushing $5 Nail Clipping $10* Nail Grinding $15 Nail Painting $10* Anal Express $10 Ear Cleaning $5 Paw Butter $5 *May upcharge if the dog requires 2 people.


Can I wash my dog at PetSmart?

PetSmart’s relaxing bath system makes tub time a pampering experience. Your salon expert will start by washing your pet with the shampoo/conditioner you agreed on at check-in. All the shampoos and conditioners we use are pH-balanced specifically for pets and provide gentle cleansing without drying your pet’s skin.

How much does it cost to wash a dog at Petco?

Petco offers an array of services from baths and haircuts to solution-oriented, personalized packages that can be booked online or through the Petco app. Full-Service Bath for Dogs: This includes a gentle shampoo, blow-dry, ear cleaning, gland expression, 15-minute brush-out, scented spritz and nail trim.