Petsmart Dog Tag Machine

How much you can expect to spend on PetSmart dog tags

PetSmart offers dog tags with smart features for $25-$35. Traditional dog tags in a range of materials and designs can be purchased for $4-$20.

What to look for in quality PetSmart dog tags

It’s important to select a dog tag that is small enough to not annoy your pet, but also large enough to provide the space needed to engrave important contact information. Small tags are discreet, but tiny fonts may be challenging for people to read. Large, dangling tags may dip into your pet’s food or mud and become difficult to clean.

Selecting a color for your dog’s tag is a fun way to accessorize your pet. A brightly colored tag will also allow strangers to note from a distance that your dog is not a stray. The assurance of seeing a tag on your pet may provide other people with the confidence they need to try to approach your dog to take a closer look at their contact information. A tag that is too discreet may go unnoticed and leave passersby to assume that your pet may not have an owner to reach out to.

To prevent the sound of a metal dog tag jingling as your pet moves, some tags come with plastic or rubber gaskets that are fitted around the exterior of the tag itself. These “silencers” pad your dog’s tag, preventing it from audibly clanging against any other metal buckles or studs on your pet’s collar.

The number one reason to have your dog wear a tag is to facilitate the return of your pet in the event that they get lost or you become separated. Select a tag material and text combination that is as easy as possible to read. Your pet may be found by someone who is leery of dogs or has difficulty reading. Make your text as legible and as large as you can.

Ideally, every dog should wear identifying information on a dog tag attached to their collar at all times. Our dogs do.

We have 2 Black Labs and we have been color-coordinating all of their equipment from Day One.

Likewise, when it came time to order their dog tags, we wanted a red one for Destin, and a blue one for Tenor.

UPDATE: Even though I have been happy with the dog tags I’ve purchased through Tags For Pets, after hearing mixed reviews from others about the company, I have switched to buying my dog tags locally. I found the do-it-yourself TagWorks Dog Tag Machine at PetSmart (also available online) to be a cinch! I’ve made a couple of my dog tags there. And I also found some fun (high quality) dog tags on Amazon:

We found the most reasonably priced dog tags were from this company:


Does Petco sell service dog tags?

GoTags Personalized Stainless Steel Round Service Dog Pet ID Tag for Dogs and Cats, Small | Petco. Get rewarded for every purchase.

What needs to be on a dog tag?

What should I put on my dog’s tag?
  1. Your name and address. The two essential details required by law to include on your dog’s tag are your name and address.
  2. Phone number. …
  3. ‘I’m microchipped’ …
  4. ‘I’m spayed/neutered’ …
  5. Health issues. …
  6. Your dog’s name.

Does my dog legally need a tag?

Finders of your dog are informed about all important information through our intelligent dog tag. NFC (Near Field Communication) guarantees you security and certainty, as you can view all data from anywhere and add or change it easily with the help of our web portal Tap21.