Pitbull Dog Xxl Size

An American Bully XL is a variety of the hybrid, or designer, dog breed American Bully, also known as American Bully Pit, BullyPitbull, and BullyPit. This breed has only been around for a couple of decades.

In fact, it was first bred during the 1980s and 90s. The purpose was to create a good companion/family dog. American Bully was created by breeding an American Pitbull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier. The resulting litter was then further bred selectively to arrive upon what we call the American bully today. It was first recognized as a breed by the American Bully Kennel Club (AKBC) and later on by the United Kennel Club (UKC).

This article is the ultimate guide on American Bully XL. In this article, I will tell you about the history of the XL Bully Pit, its dietary requirements, behavior, and temperament. In addition, we will also discuss their breeding and the importance of their bloodline.

XXL Pitbulls – Care and Health

To ensure that a XXL pit bull lives a long and happy life, it is important that they are properly cared for just like any other dog.

Because of their size, there are some considerations that must be taken when caring for a XXL pit bull.

XXL pit bulls are quite active dogs that require a lot of space to move about. Most pit bulls require this, but the size of the XXL pit bulls makes this mandatory.

This breed of dog needs a place where they can run freely on open land is best.

An environment that provides lots of exercise and movement is encouraged.

In terms of feeding, XXL pitbulls are big breed of their own. What you would feed another breed of dog or pit bull, may or may not be sufficient for a XXL pit bull.

Hulk, the biggest XXL pit bull, lives on a diet of fresh meat. This differs from the traditional dog food diet.

Hulk’s owners feed him lots of natural protein as they believe it helps contribute to his massive size.

Finding the best food option for your XXL pit bull is something to consider very carefully to ensure your dog receives the proper nutrient supplementation.

As with all breeds of dogs, there are some health concerns that should be noted. XXL pit bulls are prone to developing cataracts as they age.

Hip dysplasia may also be an issue especially because of the size of this particular breed of pit bull.

It is very important that your XXL pit bull receive regular veterinarian checkups annually or semi-annually to ensure optimal health.

How big is a XL Pitbull?

An XL type is determined by its adult height, with males between 21 inches (51 cm) and 23 inches (57 cm) at the withers and females between 19 inches (48 cm) and 22 inches (54 cm) at the withers.

What is the biggest size pitbull?

World’s Largest Pitbull “Hulk” Has 8 Puppies Worth Up To Half A Million Dollars

  • Meet Hulk – at 174 lbs (79kg), he’s the world’s largest pitbull!
  • He just fathered 8 adorable puppies.
  • “This is definitely one of the most valuable litters we have had”
  • FAQ

    What is a XXL pitbull?

    The American Bully XXL is the largest among all flavors of this breed, and measures at 23 inches or taller at the wither. Apart from its size, the XXL Bully has much the same anatomy and friendly temperament we love Bullies for. But, there may be slight variations in physical features.

    How much is a XXL pitbull?

    On average, the XL Pitbull cost comes in between the range of $2500 to $5000, but there is a wide range of ups and downs in the price of XL pitbull females and variations in the XL Pitbull breeds.