Pitbull German Shepherd Mix

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I always emphasize the importance of checking that a breed is the right match for you and your family, so read on to see if the Pitbull German Shepherd mix is the dog for you.

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Are you an experienced dog owner with space and time to dedicate to this amazing dog? If so, you should consider adopting a German Shepherd Pitbull mix! She will reward you with unwavering devotion and love. What more could you ask for in a best friend?

As is common with most dogs, many naughty behaviors can be dramatically reduced with proper exercise. In the case of the German Shepherd Pitbull mix, tendencies towards aggression, destructive behavior, digging and excessive barking can all surface when she finds herself with too much pent-up energy. She may require more activity than other breeds, but once she is worn out, she has no problem settling down and cuddling up next to you.

If this sounds like your family, the next step would be finding a reputable breeder or researching adoption organizations.

Despite her intimidating appearance, due to her muscular build and a reputation of aggression, Pitbulls are actually a well-tempered and generally friendly breed. She does especially well with children and makes a wonderful family dog. She has an average lifespan of about 14 years. Pitbulls are commonly mixed with other breeds and can have a variety of different coat colors including brindle.

The average lifespan of a well cared for German Shepherd Pitbull is about 12 years with proper exercise and a balanced diet. While she is a generally healthy and agile dog, it’s important to have regular check-ups with your vet and keep her up to date on all her vaccines and immunizations.

What characteristics can I expect?

As with all crossbreeds, it is not easy to say precisely what temperament this dog will have, as it will always be a different combination. In my experience, however, they tend to have the following traits:

All dogs need regular exercise to stay fit, and this large breed usually needs a whole lot. Both its parents are working dog breeds, so it’s no wonder! I recommend at least a one-hour walk a day, providing you have an outdoor space where she can release excess energy for the rest of the day. If you don’t have a yard, she will need a second walk of at least 30 minutes in the evening.

By giving her the exercise she needs, you will avoid undesired behaviors such as slipper-chewing, hole-digging or nuisance barking. As long as she gets her exercise needs met, she will be happy to settle down and relax with you.

Pitbull German Shepherd mixes are very affectionate dogs when raised right. While they are good at entertaining themselves, they still love to be around you and make a good family dog. For this reason, it is not a good idea to leave them alone for extended periods of time – I wouldn’t recommend leaving her for more than 3 hours at a time.

This dog can have a very protective nature. This is due to its German Shepherd relatives, who were bred to herd and guard livestock. So while from her point of view she may be protecting her ‘pack’ from a potential threat, this may manifest as growling at strangers or hostility towards people entering your home. To prevent this from the outset, you should socialize her with people as much as possible from an early age.

Both the Pitbull and the German Shepherd are incredibly intelligent breeds. It is no surprise, then, that this mix is no exception. These dogs learn quickly and respond incredibly well to training and commands.

Just as you exercise her body, it is important to keep her mind stimulated, too. You should start training at the earliest possible stage. From as young as 7 weeks old puppies are able to understand basic commands like “sit” and “stay,” so you can start training as soon as you bring her home!

Just look at this adorable and obedient little 9 week-old:

Pitbull German Shepherd Mix

Due to their German Shepherd relatives (who, being the herders of the ‘pack’, therefore quickly assume the role of pack leader), these dogs tend to exhibit pronounced leadership qualities and a desire to dominate.

It is important to keep a close eye on this type of behavior because, if it gets out of control, it can turn into aggression. You can easily avoid this by properly socializing your dog: take her out to meet other dogs when she’s a puppy, whether it’s at the park or puppy training. This way, she’ll quickly learn the etiquette when it comes to doggy greeting dos and don’ts.

While I can’t say that every dog of this breed is the same; they do have a tendency to be high energy, powerful and in need of lots of training. That’s why I tend to be of the opinion that these dogs are better suited to an experienced dog owner.


Are German shepherd pitbull mix aggressive?

With consistent proper training, exercise and correct socialization, the German Shepherd Pitbulls are incredibly loyal, friendly and affectionate towards family members, making them an excellent choice as a family pet.

What do you call a pitbull mixed with a German Shepherd?

Although they have an incorrect reputation that they are an aggressive dog breed, German Shepherd Pitbull mixes are not aggressive. As long as they are socialized when they are tiny, they will not have a problem getting along with other people and other dogs.