Pitbull Mixed With Husky

Do you love cuddling with big dogs? Or have you ever wanted a Siberian Husky? How about a Pitbull?

You won’t have to choose anymore because of the Pitbull-Husky mix! A crossbreed that’s full of surprises, the Pitbull-Husky mix or Pitsky will surely charm its way into your heart with its loyalty and friendliness.

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Sitting; whether it’s just for the weekend or a few weeks, select your days, and you will find a pet lover for your furry buddy who will fit your schedule. You will receive pictures, and videos of your pet enjoying playtime, meals, and snuggles if requested.

As you may know, walking your dog is not easy stuff, even if it feels like it is. Yes, it’s a fun moment for you and your pup, but sometimes we, as a pet owner, do not have enough time or just can’t walk our furry friend, so we usually use the service of a dog walker.

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A Pitsky is a good family dog

This dog loves to be around children of all ages. She’s playful, affectionate, and very loyal. When playing, she can become too enthusiastic, and even jump on you, but you’ll be able to control this behavior once you start training. If properly trained and socialized, she can also get along well with other pets, even if some of these dogs enjoy chasing a squirrel or a cat every now and then.

In most cases, a Pitsky is friendly with strangers, too. However, she won’t hesitate to react if you or your family are in danger. She’s not number one when it comes to great watchdogs, but I still find her strength and stamina intimidating.

A Husky Pitbull Mix doesn’t like to be alone

These dogs are very attached to their owners, and they love spending time with their human families. It’s what everyone expects from a dog, but it also comes with a price. You should be aware that, once you have a Pitsky, you should organize your schedule to leave your dog home alone as little as possible. Otherwise, they have a tendency to develop depression, separation anxiety, destructive behavior, and eventually she’ll become aggressive.

If you know you’ll have to leave your dog all by herself a few hours every day, start crate training when she’s still young. By offering your dog a den of her own where she feels safe and protected, you can minimize the effects of loneliness and keep her safe when you can’t watch over her.

When you work long hours, make sure one of your family or friends can come over to spend time with your dog, or take her to a dog daycare where she can have some company.


How big will a pitbull Husky get?

Husky crossed with Pitbull and Families

The Pitbull Husky is a good family pet because of its affectionate and playful nature. It loves to play with children. Adults, however, must keep an eye on the Pitbull Husky mix when it plays with children as it may overwhelm smaller kids with their muscular build.

What is the lifespan of a pitbull husky mix?

As the Pitsky is a relatively new breed, there are few standards when it comes to size. That said, as a mix between Siberian Husky and American Pit Bull Terrier parents, you can expect the dog to be on the medium to large side. Most weigh in at 30 to 80 pounds and range in height from 16 to 25 inches at the shoulder.