Pork Chomps Safe For Dogs

Gunner, my chocolate lab, is a valued member of my family. I love surprising him with treats and toys because he gets SO excited. When a box from Pork Chomps arrived at my porch, Gunner knew that the goodies inside were for him.

He immediately sat down, wagged his tail, and “shook” my hand over and over again in hopes that I would give him a Pork Chomp. Upon receiving his Premium Pork Chomp, he started running around in circles filled with complete joy.

Finishing his delicious treat, he immediately ran back to me begging for more. To say the least, Gunner is smitten with Premium Pork Chomps. Because I had never seen Gunner so taken with a dog treat, I decided to do a little bit of research to see what sets Premium Pork Chomps apart from his regular rawhide treats.

Most dogs love chewing on rawhide. However, I recently found out that rawhide is terrible for your dog’s digestive system. Almost impossible to digest, rawhide can stay in a dog’s digestive system for days causing blockage. This blockage may cause your dog to feel uncomfortable or result in surgery (in cases of severe blockage).

Is it safe for dogs to ingest Pork Chomps? Yes, in moderation. Pork Chomps are easy to digest. They break down more readily than rawhide.

Pork Chomps Review – UPDATED 2022

Pork Chomps come in numerous types, forms, sizes, and shapes. From small, adorable puppies to large, lovable breeds, Pork Chomps has perfect treats for all of them. With this updated review of Pork Chomps, we answer all your questions.

Pork Chomps are made with baked pork skin. Its patented process removes 70% of the fat. This makes it a healthier treat for your furry friend! Moreover, it comes in several flavors. These include chicken, pepperoni, sweet potato, bacon, duck, and peanut butter.

Read on to know more about Pork Chomps and if it is good for your dog. We examine this popular dog treat in detail. Let’s jump right into it!

Pork Chomps Recall

Back in 2019, there was an outbreak of salmonella. It was associated with pig ears products for pets. With this outbreak, around 40 people were hospitalized in 13 states. It brought to light that contaminated dog treats harm not only the dogs but also their owners.

Following this outbreak, plenty of dog treats products and brands were recalled. However, Pork Chomps and its big product range was not recalled.

Even during the present times, there are no pieces of evidence that suggest or include that any Pork Chomps product was contaminated during this unfortunate incident.

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These highly digestible dog chews are safe for your dog, with 99.9% digestibility within 24 hours, as reported by a University of Illinois Department of Animal science canine digestibility study first published in 2012. This is over twice the speed of the dogs body to digest the same percentage of rawhide, which means less risk of blockages and digestive upset, common issues found in dogs chewing on rawhide.

Our pork skin chews for dogs are made in Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified facilities. The certification ensures these healthy chews for dogs are processed within the same standards and regulations used for human food production.

As a concerned dog owner, we understand how important it is to give the best possible chews to your dog. Pork Chomps are safe for weaned puppies and considered healthy puppy chews. The next time you are buying dog chews try Pork Chomps. We know your dogs will love you for it, and you can feel great about providing healthy, vet recommended dog treats for your four-legged companion.

Dr. Joe Seward, a practicing veterinarian for more than 25 years, “was intrigued by a University of Illinois study published in 2012.” Dr. Seward said “this was an important finding to me because the less time a chew spends in the intestines the less time it has of causing a blockage or other type of gastrointestinal distress. I personally believe that Pork Chomps are a safe alternative to rawhide chews.”


How many Pork Chomps Can I give my dog?

Dogs Love Pork Chomps – The Premium Vet Recommended Dog Chews. When it comes to our dogs, we love giving them healthy, safe and delicious treats. At Pork Chomps, we have developed a full product line of healthy rawhide alternative chews for dog chews of all ages and sizes.

Are Pork Chomps healthy?

Chews and Treats are not meant as meal replacements. Pork Chomps have a 99.9% 24-hour digestibility rate; as a result, we recommend one per day.

What are Pork Chomps made of?

This is a much safer and healthier alternative to rawhide, which leaves up to 50% undigested. Rawhide can result in stomach or intestinal blockages in the stomach which can even require surgery. With almost 100% digested in 24 hours, Pork Chomps is a safer, healthier alternative to rawhide.