Pregnant Dog Carrying Puppies In Rib Cage

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Pregnant Dog Carrying Puppies High Up In Rib Cage?

Your pregnant dog can carry its puppies high up in the womb, but it’s not in the rib cage.

This can happen if the litter is small. The uterus in a dog is Y-shaped and the pups are located in the top portion of the uterus. When you take your dog to the vet, they should be able to feel the puppies. They can also confirm how many puppies there are with X-rays.

Sign number 1: A bigger and rounder belly

The first thing that one notices when looking at a pregnant female is the size of the belly. The belly starts increasing at the beginning of the other half of the pregnancy when the puppies drop in the abdomen. However, not all expanded bellies are pregnancy signs. Sometimes a distended belly can be indicative of a serious underlying disease.


If you want to breed your dog, some doctors feel that limiting vigorous activity during the first two weeks of pregnancy can help the embryo to implant. Regular exercise is allowed after that until your dog’s belly gets bigger. The mother-to-be should take shorter and probably more frequent walks because she needs her energy to carry the puppies and feed them.

Dog Games or Exercises to Avoid During Pregnancy

Extensive stretching
Games of tug

Pregnant dogs benefit from regular short walks, light playtime, and lots of attention. Don’t overstimulate the pregnant dog, but don’t allow it to become lethargy either.


Can dogs carry puppies high?

Is It Normal for Dogs to Carry Puppies in Rib Cage? Like other mammals, puppies grow inside the womb or uterus located in the abdominal cavity. Some puppies may lie under the ribs during fetal development.

Where on a dog’s belly Do you feel puppies?

4. Palpated Uterus. Your dog’s uterus can usually be palpated (touched and massaged) after about a month, and some vets and experienced breeders can even count the puppies at this point. Don’t worry if the puppies are carried up high and can’t be found.