Puppy Ate Bed Stuffing

If you know for certain that your dog has eaten a large amount of polyester stuffing, then call the vet immediately. Don’t induce vomiting, unless told to do so by your vet. … If your canine companion has an intestinal blockage then he’ll probably need surgery.

Polyester Stuffing Can Be Dangerous for Dogs

Depending on how much stuffing a dog eats, he may suffer some major medical problems. If a dog eats only a small piece of stuffing, chances are he will be OK. You’ll need to monitor your canine companion for any signs the stuffing’s making him sick. Symptoms you may notice include:

If you know for sure your fur baby only ate a very small piece stuffing, just watch him for a day or two. If the stuffing comes out in his vomit or poo, then he’ll be OK. However, if the vomiting and diarrhea don’t stop within 24 hours, then be sure to call the vet right away.

Did your dog eat a larger amount of stuffing? Then this could be a problem. The reason is that larger amounts of stuffing can cause an intestinal blockage, which can be a life-threatening medical emergency. The symptoms of an intestinal blockage can include:

  • Weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Abdominal pain and/or bloating
  • Hunching
  • Whining (due to feeling anxious and possibly from pain)
  • If you notice any one or more these symptoms, then be sure to call the vet right away. Your dog’s life may depend on it. The sooner you call the vet, the better because this could be a medical emergency.

    What happens if my dog eats toy stuff?

    The consequences of your dog eating toy stuff are the same as them eating other types of stuffing. They are at risk of stomach upset, choking, and intestinal blockage.

    What happens if my dog eats bed stuffing?

    There are several potential problems if your dog eats stuffing. The good news is, most dogs will be fine if they eat a small amount of stuffing. However, larger amounts can cause significant problems.

    When you are looking at the stuffing strewn about your home, you may wonder what it’s actually made of, and if the substance itself is harmful to your pooch.

    Most dog beds are made from polyester fill. Polyester is commonly used in clothing and household items, dog beds, couches, and even dog toys. It’s a type of plastic that is shaped into fibers.

    Polyester is considered nontoxic, but there are some health concerns associated with it. It’s a petroleum by-product, and several harmful chemicals are used in its production. It releases phthalates, which are known to disrupt hormones and cause other issues.

    It also has a tendency to irritate the skin. This may mean that it can cause irritation to the digestive tract, which is much more sensitive, as well.

    Perhaps you spoiled your dog with a dog bed made with natural fibers, like cotton, rather than polyester. Perhaps your pooch has a memory foam mattress, and snacked on that.

    Memory foam has similar concerns to polyester fill. It’s made with polyurethane foam, and is also manufactured using harmful chemicals. So, it may have some toxic effects, particularly if ingested, just as polyester may.

    Unfortunately, even if your dog’s bed is made from a natural material like cotton, there are other concerns that apply.

    An intestinal blockage can occur as the filling makes its way through your dog’s intestines. The intestines are narrow. If the filling gets tangled together, it may become too big to pass through.

    This can also occur if your dog eats a single large piece of stuffing or memory foam.

    An intestinal blockage can be life threatening, depending on the severity. A blockage can be partial, which allows some waste to pass through. A complete blockage completely blocks the intestines, allowing nothing to pass through.

    The symptoms of an intestinal blockage include vomiting, weakness, nausea, diarrhea, and straining or inability to poop. You may also notice your pooch seems very uncomfortable or in pain. As the condition progresses, they will lose their appetite, because food can’t pass through their digestive tract.

    Choking is another risk if your dog eats foam. This can occur when they are eating foam, or if vomiting occurs. Vomitting may seem like a good thing, and in one sense, it is.

    If your pooch can get the stuffing out of their system, it can reduce their risk of problems. However, choking while vomiting stuffing is a big risk that can be life threatening.

    The most obvious sign of your dog choking is gagging or retching. They may also paw at their mouth, or rub their face against the ground. They may whine or appear to be in distress.

    Anytime your dog eats something that they shouldn’t, they are at risk for stomach upset. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the item is toxic, or that your dog is in serious danger.

    It simply means that what they ate didn’t agree with their system, so your dog’s body is trying to expel it. Polyester fill can cause stomach irritation, which can also lead to stomach upset.

    The symptoms of stomach upset include vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog vomits repeatedly, or continues to have diarrhea, it could be more than simple stomach upset.


    What happens if my dog eats bed stuffing?

    For example, if a tiny dog ate a large amount of stuffing from a toy, you’re going to want to call your vet, because it’s more likely that could result in an internal blockage. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to tell how much they ate, so when in doubt, call your vet.

    Will my dog poop out stuffing?

    Most of the time, small amounts of stuffing will pass through the dog that eats it. Any stuffing that doesn’t break down as it moves through a dog’s stomach and intestines will be passed into the dog’s stool within a couple of days of being eaten.

    What should I do if my dog eats bedding?

    Stop Destructive Chewing

    Verbally reprimand him for chewing and remove the item he is chewing on. Give him an item that is okay to chew, like a toy, instead. If all else fails, remove the bedding — your dog does not physically need blankets and bedding.

    What happens if my dog ate pillow stuffing?

    Stuffing can act as a gastrointestinal foreign body that results in obstruction of the bowels. If vomiting is persistent, this is a strong indication that there may be either a partial or complete obstruction preventing food and water from moving forward in the GI tract.