Pure Balance Vs Purina One

There’s always something new that dog stores want you to buy for your furry best friend.

It might be a new squeak toy or a collar but I mostly find new food.

It’s natural to want to give your dog a diet with some variety. Still, that doesn’t mean all dog food is good for them.

Everyone has to go through a period of trial and error to find out what food their dog loves the most.

At the same time, you should always know what you’re buying before you put it in your dog’s bowl.

Pure Balance and Blue Buffalo are some of the more well-known dog food brands in the market, so here’s a comparison of some of their best sellers.

Once you read up on what makes them different, you’ll get a better idea of which one is right for your pup.

It’s sold only in Walmart stores (and online) and was made based on customer feedback.

Consumers let Walmart know that they wanted a dog food that helped their dog’s health and their wallet, so the mega-retailer listened.

Since it first hit the shelves, it’s been a popular hit with Walmart’s worldwide customer base, so the brand has continued to evolve its products.

The initial production only made two dry kibble flavors, but now you can find it as dry or wet food in many other flavors, including grain free options.

Check out some of Pure Balance’s best sellers, which have been well received by dogs of all ages and breeds:

These cover some of the most popular dog food flavors, although there are plenty more to choose from.

You’ve seen Blue Buffalo bags on pet store shelves for a while now, but do you know what inspired the dog food line?

The family-owned company began when their dog, Blue, was diagnosed with cancer[2]. They studied canine nutrition to give him the best support possible, which they now give to dogs around the world.

Every Blue Buffalo formula was created with the help of animal nutritionists so the natural dog food addressed any health need a dog could have.

They strive to make it clear to consumers exactly what goes into each blend, where the ingredients come from, and how much care goes into each batch.

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If you want to start with one of the best selling blends, you can pick from this list:

All formulas stay away from artificial flavors and preservatives, which is why this company is a premium dog food brand. This isn’t the first time Blue Buffalo has graced this website. Check out these other head to head comparisons:

Some dog owners used to buying kibble strictly from pet stores may feel strange about buying it at a supermarket, but Walmart makes a quality dog food product.

The company has never faced a recall on any of their blends, which shows their dedication to quality control in their production facilities and attention to their ingredients.

On the other hand, Blue Buffalo has been around for much longer, so they’ve had quite a few recalls.

In 2017, the company had three recalls, mostly related to the risk of salmonella in their canned wet food[3].

They also had recalls in 2010[4], 2015[5], and 2016[6], pertaining to their dry food and chews. The recalls pertained to high levels of Vitamin D in their adult dog food blends, salmonella in their chews, and possible mold, respectively.

Blue Buffalo most recently had a recall in 2017, where consumers were advised to throw out their canned dog food because it could contain high levels of a beef thyroid hormone that could hurt dogs if consumed in excessive amounts[7].

Purina One Cat Food vs. Pure Balance Cat Food

Dry Cat Food Purina One Pure Balance
Crude Protein 40.4% 39.9%
Crude Fat 15.2% 17.7%
Crude Fiber 3.7% 5.9%
Wet/Canned Cat Food Purina One Pure Balance
Crude Protein 52.9% 42.0%
Crude Fat 16.8% 25.4%
Crude Fiber 7.6% 7.2%

Protein is an extremely important part of your cats diet. Without sufficient protein, cats can develop a wide-range of serious health problems.

Both brands provide roughly the same amount of crude protein. For wet cat foods, Purina One provides significantly more protein (about 10.89% more).

There are many ways in which dietary fat contributes to the overall health of our feline friends. Here is a short list of benefits provided by fats (not exhaustive):

  • Fats help with the digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • Reduce inflammation associated with arthritis
  • Slow the growth of yeast infections
  • Prevent or reduce the likelihood of certain heart problems.
  • Aid in the development of the retina and visual cortex.
  • There is a small difference between the fat content of Pure Balance and Purina One. We can see that Pure Balance guarantees about 2.47% more fat than Purina One. In addition, Pure Balance wet cat foods also provide more fat than Purina One wet foods.

    According to our average data, Purina One typically provides less fiber than Pure Balance. However, this difference is relatively small and doesnt represent a significant difference between the two brands. For wet cat foods, Purina One and Pure Balance provide roughly the same amount of fiber.

    Where To Buy Purina One Pet Foods

    You can purchase Purina One pet foods from the following stores:

    Pure Balance Vs Purina One

    Pure Balance Vs Purina One

    Pure Balance Vs Purina One


    How important are all-natural or organic ingredients to you?

    Does your dog have allergies that limit them to only a few ingredients?

    It’s important to read the ingredient list on every bag of dog food you consider so you know what your dog will potentially eat.

    Just because a bag of dog food is on sale doesn’t guarantee that you’re getting a good deal.

    Compare the weight of dog food bags and their price per unit so you get the best price for your budget.

    Do you live in a rural area with only one or two stores to get dog supplies from?

    Maybe you prefer to have your dog’s food delivered.

    The availability of a type of dog food will play into how easy it is to feed your dog, regardless of its cost or ingredients.

    Even if you find a bag of dog food that checks off every one of these boxes, your dog should still enjoy what they eat.

    Give them some time to adjust to the new formula and if they’re hesitant or uninterested in their food, it may not have the best taste.

    Once dogs find food that’s right for them, they should stick with it.

    That’s why it’s crucial to know how reliable a brand is.

    You’ll be trusting them in the long run with your dog’s health, so research their history before buying anything.


    Is Pure Balance good for dogs?

    Yes, Pure Balance Dog Food is good. All ingredients used in Pure Balance products are sourced locally from natural sources. The brand is focused on making high-protein formulas with meat as the first ingredient. The foods are free from artificial additives, preservatives, and fillers.

    Is Pure Balance a Walmart brand?

    Walmart’s new Pure Balance brand dog food offers key benefits found in top pet specialty brands, and is already gaining notice from veterinarians who understand the benefits of a high-quality dry food.

    Is Purina one better?

    Winner. Purina ONE wins in the cost category. They are a lower-cost dog food, and don’t have as many high-quality ingredients as the Pro Plan formulas. If budget is your primary concern, Purina ONE is a great option compared to other lower-cost brands like Pedigree or Iams.

    Who makes Pure Balance?

    BENTONVILLE, ARK. — Walmart announced May 3 it has launched a line of veterinarian-formulated pet food products under its private label Pure Balance brand. The new products, PRO+, include four formulas for cats and five formulas for dogs.