Purina Pro Plan Vs Blue Buffalo

In this comparison article for Purina Pro Plan vs Blue Buffalo, well highlight the key differences between these two pet food brands. To properly compare Purina Pro Plan and Blue Buffalo, well use up-to-date nutritional and price information.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best pet food brand for your pet. Factors such as ingredient quality, guaranteed analysis, product safety, brand history, and cost are among the most important factors to consider.

Throughout this Blue Buffalo vs Purina Pro Plan comparison, weve utilized average data to make general comparisons. If youd like to see individual product reviews, visit our Purina Pro Plan Review Page or Blue Buffalo Review Page.

Purina Pro Plan dog food cons

  • Some formulas contain questionable ingredients, such as poultry by-product meal.
  • You’re more likely to find fillers, such as corn gluten meal, in Purina Pro Plan foods compared to Blue Buffalo.
  • Purina is owned by Nestle, a company known for unethical practices and which some buyers prefer to avoid.
  • You guessed it! Blue Buffalo wins this round as well. There are many recipes and flavors, and there are also size and age-specific wet foods available. The sheer choice and diverse range of needs covered are impressive.

    Though the Purina Pro range is comprehensive and all-inclusive, the winner must be Blue Buffalo for the sheer vastness of choice and specific diet offerings they have. We love that a quick look at the recipes shows added antioxidants in the form of fresh blueberries and cranberries. Plus, their proteins are free from unnamed meat by-products.

    The winner of the puppy formulas round is Blue Buffalo. This is due to their numerous options for our pups. In total, across the five ranges, there are 36 dry kibbles from which to choose. So, almost all puppy types and needs are addressed.

    We look at two food brands. Blue Buffalo is popular for whole food source ingredients, and Purina Pro is a favorite vet recommendation. Your pup’s food isn’t just for taste; it dictates their health. Poor quality food doesn’t deliver the nutrition they need, so it is best avoided altogether. Choosing a brand that uses good quality ingredients and takes care to balance their recipe to meet your furry friend’s needs is the number one priority.

    ​The Purina Pro Plan vision, mission, and ethos have been developed over 90+ years of passionate experience and innovative research. They believe that the power of good nutrition is key to extending and improving the lives of our pets. Purina Pro Plan promises that every product recipe is guaranteed to provide 100% of the essential nutrients your pet’s body requires.

    Purina Pro Plan FOCUS Sensitive Skin & Stomach

    It’s almost as if the company read every single objection we wrote above when they created this formula. Intended for dogs with delicate tummies, it omits just about any possible allergen you can think of.

    Instead, it uses ingredients like oatmeal and ground rice, both of which are gentle on digestive tracts. There’s also fish and sunflower oils for omega fatty acids, and plenty of fish-based protein as well.

    We also like the additions of inulin and chicory root, both of which can promote healthy digestive tracts. These are prebiotics, and they can help soothe issues like vomiting and diarrhea.

    We don’t like the inclusion of animal fat, as anytime they don’t tell you the exact animal the fat came from it means they don’t want you to know (or they don’t know themselves). We’d prefer it if they used less salt as well.

    Overall, though, that’s not much to complain about this Purina Pro Plan recipe; it’s a pretty clear improvement on the one that preceded it. Pros

  • Uses ingredients designed to be gentle on stomachs
  • Filled with pre- and probiotics
  • Lots of omega fatty acids inside
  • Cons

  • Includes low-quality animal fat
  • More salt than we’d like