Raw Beef Trachea Safe For Dogs

The trachea is also known as one of the safest chews around. Similar to beef skin, the dog chew turns into small slobbery bits, rather than jagged pieces with sharp edges and are 100% digestible. Beef tracheas are considered a great bone-free beginner chew for dogs over 16 weeks old.

Storing Beef Trachea

The beef trachea is a healthy snack that is free of additives and preservatives. Hence, storing the chewy in a proper place is vital. Without adequate storage, it would go stale fast since it’s free of preservatives. It would be best to keep chewy in a tight container.

Furthermore, you should make sure that it’s not kept under direct sunlight. It would be best to keep in a cold place. You can use a Ziplock bag to seal the chewy if you don’t have a container. Storing the trachea in a proper bag or container keeps the treat fresh and can last for a long time.

If you’re from a humid and hot region, keeping the treat outside can cause moisture and would go bad soon. Hence, it would be best to keep it in a refrigerator. People from a cold or moderate region can keep in a pantry that is far from direct sunlight.

In addition, you can also store the chewy for the long term by keeping it in a freezer. Interestingly, you’d be shocked to know that a frozen beef trachea can last for three years. However, it can only happen when you get a frozen trachea. Like, how we get frozen peas in the market, you can get beef trachea in frozen form.

When you store it properly in an airtight bag or under the right temperature, it can last for a long time. Hence, proper storage is vital if you want your dog’s treat to last long. It also saves your expenses.

Can I Feed Beef Trachea to My Dog Every Day?

Dogs love beef trachea, and they like to have it continuously. Some owners can’t help but feed their dogs every day. However, you should know that a balanced diet is essential. Note that the intake of the chewy shouldn’t be more than 10 %.

You should see that other foods are also appropriately given. The beef trachea is like any other treat. It’s not an essential diet for your dog. Undeniably, it has various health benefits. However, if your dog’s diet plan is not good, it would negatively impact your dog’s health.

Excess of everything is not good. Your dog must grow up with proper nutrition. And over-feeding of beef trachea alone cannot help it. You can feed it once a week. In addition, you can ask your vet to know more about calorie intake.

A dog will mostly eat anything that the owner offers. Hence, the responsibilities lie with the owner. In addition, try not to overfeed them only with the chewy. As we mentioned earlier in the article, a balanced diet is essential. Although treats help the dogs in various health aspects, it doesn’t constitute to crucial diet.

Hence, it would be good to feed both foods and treats in a balanced way. In this way, it will help your dog to grow healthy. The beef trachea is a healthy treat that can enhance a dog’s growth if there is a proper intake of essential food.

How Long Does a Beef Trachea Last?

There is no accurate answer about how long a trachea will last because some dogs would gulp it within a minute. It may vary according to different dogs. Some dogs take time to finish a piece of the beef trachea.

Mostly bigger dogs take less time to finish than small dogs. Hence there is no definite answer as to how long a chewy can last. In some cases, it can last a week if your dog is a slow chewer. However, it’s essential to give the proper size to avoid incidents like choking.


Can dogs eat raw beef trachea?

Beef Tracheas (wind pipe) are considered a great bone-free beginner chew for dogs over 8-10 weeks old. Satisfyingly chewy and packed full of natural nutrients, our gland-free and bone-free beef tracheas are 100% natural and responsibly sourced. Chewing is an important part of a raw diet and has many benefits for dogs.

Can dogs eat the whole beef trachea?

Like with most chews, beef trachea can be a potential choking hazard – especially if your dog is known for swallowing treats whole, without chewing. Same goes for when the treats get too small. Your dog may decide to gulp down that final piece, where it can get lodged in the throat.

Can dogs digest beef esophagus?

A fantastic rawhide alternative, beef esophagus is a highly digestible chew, rich in protein and low in fat. It’s also a unique source of chondroitin and glucosamine, great for supporting your dog’s joint health.

Can you soften beef trachea?

Great for strong chewers.

For a softer chew or different texture and aroma, you can rehydrate the trachea in hot water for 15-17 minutes. Be sure to throw away any large or sharp pieces if they break off.