Rdr2 Should I Skin Animals Before Selling

While their use isnt immediately obvious, collecting animal pelts in Red Dead Redemption 2 is well worth your time. Not only are the best pelts worth a pretty penny, but they also unlock unique equipment. Here’s what to do with pelts in Red Dead Redemption 2, including where to store them, where to sell them, and how to get perfect pelts.

To make the most out of the animals you track, youre going to need a few things: binoculars, your horse, and the right type of weapon.

Trading fur and animal pelts was a cornerstone of the frontier economy all the way from the sixteenth century to the start of the twentieth. Dedicated hunters toiled and stored their skins for months to bring them to market, but luckily for us, its a bit quicker to do so in Red Dead Redemption 2.

With such fastidious attention to detail throughout the game, it’s no surprise that pelt trade also plays an important role in Arthur Morgan’s journey. Collecting and selling perfect pelts is not just a good source of income and how you access some of Arthurs most stylish garments, but one of the most fun diversions in Red Dead Redemption 2 to boot.

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Ive played enough to complete the story and side missions. Personally, I always skin them if I want the items. Here are the differences as I understand it:

  • You can store more skins on your horse than carcasses. When you stow a carcass you have one large slot on the back of your horse and one medium slot on either side of the horse, whereas multiple skins can be stacked up on the back of the horse (the exception being very large pelts which must be stowed in the large space).
  • You store some of the meat and the other items (horns, feathers, etc) in your satchel right away.
  • Some animals are too large to stow, and have to be skinned to get their parts.
  • Unskinned carcasses give more meat overall when sold or donated to camp (If you skin bigger animals you usually get a message saying you couldnt carry everything).
  • They are worth more money when sold, compared to the value of the pelt/meats when skinned.
  • Not skinning them means you can avoid sitting through the skinning animation (approximately 3-10 seconds depending on the size of the animal)
  • idk if they changed something since the above comment in 18 but I just sold a big china pig 3-star carcass not-skinned and made $2 less than when I skinned a previous 3-star big china pig and sold the meats/parts after selling the carcass. So from what I can tell, as long as you can skin it and assuming you can carry the entire haul in your satchel, its most profitable to completely skin the animal and sell off everything individually.

    I cant speak on if its more worthwhile to skin or not skin when donating to camp however, in terms of provisions.

    My curiosity at this point is whether or not a carcass not-skinned decomposes faster.. That, and the fact you can carry additional skins with you by not skinning until you get to where youre going are the only reasons I can see to not skin the kill.

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    Butchers, the Trapper, and getting the most money for your pelts

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    Hunting is probably the pastime you’ll spend the most time doing in Red Dead Redemption 2. It gets you food, crafting supplies and animal parts you can sell for cash. While you’ll earn a few cents at minimum for anything you sell (regardless of quality), if you want to turn hunting into a meaningful income, you’ll need to be pretty intentional about how you hunt.

    This guide will tell you about the places where you can sell Pelts, Carcasses, and all the other animal parts, then give you some tips for getting the most money for your work.


    Should I skin animal before selling RDR2?

    Unskinned carcasses give more meat overall when sold or donated to camp (If you skin bigger animals you usually get a message saying you couldn’t carry everything). They are worth more money when sold, compared to the value of the pelt/meats when skinned.

    Should I skin all animals in RDR2?

    For Skin Deep you must skin all the skinnable animals. Only half the animals can be skinned (everything with a pelt). Small birds that are “plucked” and tiny animals that go straight into your satchel don’t count towards this trophy. Do keep in mind that some large birds can be skinned.

    Should I skin animals before giving them to Cripps?

    If you donate to Cripps, donate the whole (unskinned) carcass. If you sell to the butcher, skinn the animal sell the parts seperately and you can also sell the skinned carcass, Cripps wont accept skninned carcasses however. Many thanks chaps. It’s all a matter of choice.

    What do you do with skinned animals in RDR2?

    Sell them at a general store in town, donate them to Mr. Pearson at camp, or most importantly, take your best pelts to the Trapper to craft new equipment. Once you’re at the Trapper, sell your skins to him, and they’ll appear in his inventory for crafting equipment.