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Over the years, the mortgage lending company has teamed up with actor/comedian Keegan-Michael Key, actor Ryan Kitley, and pro golfer Rickie Fowler to promote its Rocket Mortgage app, which helps customers, with on-demand assistance from licensed mortgage advisers available with just a tap, to go through the loan process at their own pace.

“When you need to find a place that fits your budget and Rufus,” Rocket Can,” the voiceover says at the end of the commercial.

The 30-second spot features two young women who talk about Rufus, their six-month dog, who was tiny when they adopted him, but has grown in the meantime much more that they had expected. Given the size of their apartment, they had to search for a new home. Luckily, with Rocket Mortgage they can adjust their home loan options, customize their monthly payments, down payments, and their closing costs, and now they can get a home with more space and a yard.

A new commercial for Rocket Mortgage tells the story of two roommates whose puppy grew larger than expected and used Rocket Mortgage to find a new home to fit their budget and their pup.

Information About Latest Rocket Mortgage Rufus Advert 2020

Rocket Mortgage Rufus commercial is the new 2020 TV commercial ad of Rocket Mortgage. Rocket Mortgage try to promote products ‘Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage App’ through Rufus Rocket Mortgage TV advertisement.

These two women explain how six months ago they adopted Rufus, who at the time had been tiny and fluffy — but not anymore, as he happily sprawls across both their laps and easily takes up most of their couch. Thankfully, with Rocket Mortgage these two can adjust their home loan options, so that they can get a bigger home to accommodate their canine companion sooner rather than later.


Who is the woman in the Rocket Mortgage commercial?

Anna Kendrick is making Barbie’s dreams come true during Super Bowl 2022. The actress, 36, stars in a commercial for Rocket Mortgage alongside the iconic fashion doll, who is looking to buy a new Dreamhouse. Kendrick opens the ad alongside a young girl and her Barbie.

Who is the celebrity in the Rocket Mortgage commercial?

“You vultures!” commercial spokesperson Anna Kendrick exclaims. “You’re going to start a bidding war!” All’s well in the end, when Barbie receives a verified approval on her phone showing her finances are backed by Rocket Mortgage. “So, Barbie wins!” the actress says excitedly.

What is Rocket Mortgage slogan?

Let’s start your mortgage.