Sea Dog Tavern Location Sea Of Thieves

How to climb up and ring the bell found high atop the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern in Sea of Thieves – Jumping Challenge Route guide. The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern is one of the landmarks in the Sea of Thieves world. It sits high atop a hill, overlooking the sea and providing a perfect location to watch the stars. However, there is a particularly challenging jump you can make to reach the bell that is found atop the building. The following guide will prove to be a valuable resource for anyone who might be struggling with this challenge.

Jumping from bell to bell is the easiest way to climb up to the top of the Sea of Thieves tavern, but it is also the most difficult. High up, all the way up on the second floor, is a bell that must be ringed. The only way to ring it is to jump up and touch it with your fingers, but that means traversing a large obstacle course.

There’s a secret bell atop the Sea Dog Tavern in Sea of Thieves. You can climb to the top by jumping onto the wall, then following the prompt to ring the bell. Well we can’t let you just climb up out of the blue, so here’s a video that will walk you through every step to reach the top.. Read more about sea of thieves the glorious sea dog location and let us know what you think.

Although Sea of Thieves is mostly a looting and pirating game, certain sections of the game will test your platforming abilities. A jump puzzle challenge route may be found at one of these areas on the map, and certain special events, such as The Plunder Games in Season Three, will include this obstacle course as an event challenge. Otherwise, players will want to finish as quickly as possible. The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern is where you’ll discover this Jumping Challenge Route, but where is it?

Glorious Sea Dog Tavern location

The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern is located in the center of the map, northeast of The Reaper’s Hideout and southwest of Shipwreck Bay; in other terms, it is in map square K11. Keep in mind that this island is unmarked on the map, but trust us — it’s there.


  • The taverns mascot is DeMarcos dog, Leopoldo, who disappeared while on adventure. The exact location of his disappearance is unknown but presumed to be Sailors Bounty.
  • NPCs[]

    The following NPCs are found stationed at The Glorious Sea Dog:


    This section of both courses signifies the half way point on the course. The bell located here must be rung when recording a successful speed time.

    This section of the course is known as the “Half Way Split” for the Easy Run. When ringing the bell, Pirates may choose to continue left to section 7 or right, which (if landing successfully) places you at section 10.


    Where is the Sea Dog tavern in Sea of thieves?

    Summary. In Adventure Mode, if you head to The Glorious Sea Dogs Tavern in the center of the map (located on K-11) and climb up the Peak, you can find a jumping puzzle challenge route. Head to the top of the tavern via the spiraling staircase. The beginning of the Route is indicated with a Bell that you can ring.

    How do I join Sea Dogs Sea of thieves?

    Their home base is The Glorious Sea Dog, which is a building located on Archest Peak, and it’s a tavern that can only be reached within The Arena.