Sheepadoodle Teddy Bear Cut

If you’re searching for the best Sheepadoodle haircuts, then this guide has you covered. From short to long to bangs to mullets, there are many ways to cut our hair. Often, the haircuts we choose say something about our personality and who we want to present ourselves as. As a hybrid breed, the Sheepadoodle has been praised for its friendly personality and beautiful soft coat. As a mix between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle, their coats can come in various colors and styles with an attractive appearance.

Whether you plan out what you ask the pet groomer to do for your dog or you’re ambitious enough to DIY your pet’s haircut, grooming your pet is an essential part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. To help you keep your Sheepadoodle looking and feeling their best, here we share some critical things to know about your Sheepadoodle’s coat and the best ways you can take care of it. Keep in mind that Shepadoodle isn’t Sheepadoodle, so don’t mistake between the two.

When determining the best way to take care of your Sheepadoodle’s coat, there are some important things to know about how their coat works. As a mix between an Old English Sheepdog and a Poodle, their coat’s exact makeup and behavior may vary significantly. Some Sheepadoodles may have coats that are more similar to that of the Old English Sheepdog. Other Sheepadoodles may have coats that are just as curly as their Poodle parent. It all comes down to the genes of the dog and how much of each breed they have. Knowing the texture and feel of your Sheepadoodle’s coat can help you make the best decisions as to how to care for it. Some haircuts and grooming tools may work better for one type of coat and not another.

Coats that are more similar to a Poodle tend to be much curlier and tighter than others. These coats tend to be pretty dense but shed very little. This can be great news for families where allergies are a concern. When brushing your Sheepadoodle with a Poodle-like coat, it’s helpful to use a comb or brush with pins in it to catch the curls and not pull.

While Poodles tend to be very curly and tight, Old English Sheepdogs have more smooth and relaxed hair that’s not very curly. Sheepadoodles that have coats more similar to a Sheepdog may have more flowy hair and a higher potential for shedding. Regular brushing helps to remove the loose hair that has become detached from their skin. Doing so will help minimize shedding and keep your home cleaner.

Regardless of how curly their coats are, regular brushing is required for Sheepadoodles. That beautiful coat comes with a cost of time and energy in keeping it well maintained. Their coats can quickly become tangled and snarled, leading to mats and other skin irritations.

When it’s time to grab the scissors and start trimming and cutting your dog’s coat, there are several options you have, regardless of what time of coat your dog has. Some types of haircuts may suit better for warmer weather, such as more trimmed looks. Others can amp up the style and fashion of the dog with long, flowy coats. In any case, you can have your Sheepadoodle looking and feeling their best with a simple haircut.

Whether you choose to outsource your dog’s haircut to a professional or try to DIY, there can be a lot of fun trying out new styles and looks for your Sheepadoodle. The best part? If you don’t like a specific look or mess up on a particular cut, their hair can grow back quickly for you to try again. Some types of cuts require just a trim without much attention to style or layering. Other cuts may require a more dynamic approach to trimming and cutting.

To spark some inspiration for your own Sheepadoodle’s look, here are some standard and easy haircut ideas to try out:

Perhaps one of the most manageable haircuts is the shaved look. This helps your dog stay cool in warm temperatures with a cut that’s close to their body. This tight look also makes grooming and caring for your pet’s coat so much easier. While you’ll still need to brush and wash their coats, the short hairs don’t require near as much work.

Perhaps opposite of the shaved look, the shaggy haircut lets their smooth or curly coat stay. This haircut can be pretty easy to do, but you’ll need to keep up on regular grooming. With so much hair, it’s essential to brush them regularly so they don’t develop mats or other skin irritations.

Perhaps one of the most popular looks for Sheepadoodles and Doodle varieties, in general, is the puppy cut. This haircut is also easy to do on your own as it requires minimal trimming around the right areas. Your dog doesn’t have to be a puppy to have this look, either. It can be a great fit throughout their life.

The teddy bear look leaves hair around the face and cheeks for the extra ambitious groomers, giving them that different cute and cuddly look. While it may be more difficult to DIY, it’s a look that’s grown in popularity with Doodle hybrid breeds.

Are you looking for more inspiration? Browse through photos on Pinterest or other pet grooming resource sites for helpful tutorials and other ideas to keep your dog looking their best.

How To Groom A Sheepadoodle From Home

First and foremost, brush your Sheepadoodle everyday or every other day. This will prevent matting and save you a lot of time and trouble in the long run. It’s easier to prevent matting than to deal with it later on. Think of it as a relaxing massage for your Doodle and a bonding experience for the both of you.

If you’re planning on trimming your Doodle’s hair, make sure to give them a good bath beforehand. You’ll definitely find our Doodle bathing guide helpful.

When it’s bath time, start with thorough brushing to get rid of any loose hair, tangles, and knots. If your pup has just been outside, brushing will help you get rid of dirt as well. We recommend that you line brush your Doodle. Have a look at our in-depth article about line brushing. This is by far the best way to thoroughly brush and detangle your pup’s coat.

Another Sheepadoodle grooming hack is to use a detangler spray before bathing to make sure you get out even the toughest knots and tangles.

Once you’re done bathing your dog, get ready for another brushing session. However, always let their hair fully dry to avoid pulling hair and hurting your Doodle. While your pup dries, you can clean and gently dry their ears from the inside to avoid any moisture and bacteria getting trapped and causing ear infections.

And if you feel comfortable enough to start trimming and clipping your dog’s hair, make sure you have all the necessary grooming tools we mentioned above. A bit later on in this article you’ll find our step-by-step video course for at home grooming.

Keep in mind that some dogs might get anxious around grooming tools. A useful little hack is to introduce your dog to the tools beforehand. Give your pup the chance to sniff and inspect the tools. And of course, remember to keep a positive attitude and praise your Doodle.

With every grooming activity, don’t forget the smaller and more delicate areas. For instance, when brushing your Doodle, also pay attention to areas like the paws and where the collar sits.

Learn The Lingo And Use Example Photos

The dog grooming industry does not have specific standards regulating the various Sheepadoodle haircut styles. When taking your Sheepadoodle to the salon, you must communicate with the groomer what haircut you want your dog to receive.

Using an example photo is often the best way to avoid miscommunication and ensure your Sheepadoodle receives the haircut you want.

If your Sheepadoodle has previously received a haircut you really liked—use a photo of that! Otherwise, feel free to use one of the examples from this article!

I Hate My Sheepadoodle’s Haircut…Now What?

It can be a shocking discovery to arrive at pick-up time and find your beloved Sheepadoodle looking…unlike themselves. You won’t love your Sheepadoodle any less for sporting a bad hairdo, but you can’t help the horrifying kick of disappointment every time you see that ugly cut.

A Sheepadoodle’s haircut style will start blending and become less noticeable within a month, while 2 to 3 months of hair growth will leave your Sheepadoodle looking splendidly shaggy once more.

Certain Sheepadoodle haircut styles can be transformed into another look with a simple scissor snip or pass with the clippers. Sheepadoodles given a continental Poodle cut, for example, can have their showy cut turned into a more elegant variation of a summer cut.


What is the difference between a puppy cut and a teddy bear cut?

Teddy bear cuts are similar to puppy cuts in that they involve an even cut around the whole body. The only difference is that they’re geared more towards curly-haired dogs like Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and any other -oodle you can think of!

When should a Sheepadoodle get their first haircut?

The Lamb cut is another highly popular hairstyle for Sheepadoodles. With the Lamb cut, the dog’s body fur is generally clipped longer than it is in the Puppy cut. The Doodle’s leg hair is left fluffy and long, and the fur is neatly scissor blended into the body hair.

What is a teddy bear cut on a Doodle?

To get straight to the point, most groomers won’t groom at all until all shots are up to date – typically when the puppy is around 16-17 weeks old.