Should I adopt a dog from abroad? A Complete Guide

Why adopt internationally?

Most international adopters (59%) were attracted to a particular dog on social media. Individual dogs are often advertised by rescues that work abroad. The study showed that 70% of dogs were imported for a specific adopter.

The second most common reason was the perception that foreign rescues had suffered more and were more likely to euthanased. This was stated as the motivation for 39% of the owners. UK rescues often advertise a no-kill policy, the dogs are seen as safe. However, 10% of the stray population of the UK are euthanased annually (3) and many live for long periods in kennels.

The rest of the respondents expressed two main reasons :

  • More choice – rescue puppies are rare in the UK, some breeds are over-represented in UK rescue. For example, there are lots of bull breeds.
  • Rejection by UK rescue agencies – many organisations have stringent, blanket policies that exclude people who work outside the home or have children. This precludes many potential adoptions.
  • Questions to ask if adopting a dog internationally

    That’s good! Be sure to read reviews and/or ask clients about their experience and whether the organization treated them fairly, followed all importation rules, and informed clients of the process and steps to import dogs.

    You should research the organization before agreeing to adopt a dog from them. Be sure to read reviews about the organization and consider asking the organization if you can speak to previous clients to ensure they are transparent and put animal health, safety, and welfare first.

    Will the organization allow you to speak with previous clients?

    This is a good sign. Ask previous clients about their experience and whether the organization treated them fairly, followed all importation rules, and informed clients of the process and steps to import dogs.

    This is not a good sign. Ask additional questions and consider choosing another organization that will be more transparent with information.

    HOW WE ADOPTED OUR DOG FROM ABROAD! Rescuing a puppy from Cyprus!

    Rescue Transport Korea is a large country so it can take hours for a pet taxi to bring dogs to the vet, boarding, and facility – $30/hour or $125 flat from Bundang to Incheon.

    Flight to JFK CostFlight with flight volunteer – $300 (under 50 lbs) per dog. Flight via cargo (no volunteer) – $750+ (under 20 lbs) per dog.

    Medical CareThis includes hospitalization, vaccines, and spay/neuter surgery – $150-$500 per dog (depending on dog’s condition).

    Foster CareTransport, food, vet expenses, and supplies while dogs are in foster care in NYC – $250/month per dog.

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