Should I get a boy or girl Bernese mountain dog? Here’s What to Do Next


Male Bernese Mountain Dogs are relatively easy to train. Obviously, a puppy will be much more difficult to train than a young adult. Puppies might be a bit more absentminded and stubborn, but you can easily coax your Berner into listening to you.

During the training process, establish yourself as the alpha early on. If you do this, training your male Berner will likely be very easy. During the training process, try to introduce your Bernese Mountain Dog to as many new people, animals, and situations as possible so that they are socialized from an early age.

Male or Female: Who is More Affectionate and Loving?

There is a common saying that a female Bernese Mountain Dog will love you, but a male Bernese Mountain Dog will be in love with you. It can be hard sometimes to understand what it really means, so let us explain it to you.

A male Bernese Mountain Dog is there to please you, and a female Bernese Mountain Dog is there to be pleased. This is the difference between their love and affection.

A male dog will always be with you and crave your attention all the time. A female can have her moods. She might be looking for your attention, but sometimes she will be on her own and would not want to cuddle you as a male dog will do.

A male is naughty while a female dog is a kind of serious. Male will be in your lap despite his size, while a female will not want to be touched at times. She will love her own private space, and most of the time, she does not want somebody to invade it.

Most people have this theory that the female Bernese Mountain Dog is reserved because she is saving all the love and affection for her puppies. But to be honest, it is just a theory, and nobody knows why a female dog behaves this way.

When should I spay my female Bernese Mountain Dog?

At what age should a Berner be spayed/neutered? Some veterinarians recommend spaying or neutering male or female dogs at young ages, between 4-9 months.

Male bernese mountain versus Female bernese mountain dog – the inside scoop!