Should I get a dog working from home? The Ultimate Guide

Why Your Pet Might Be Your Favorite Coworker

Did you know that there’s actually an entire institute devoted to studying the bond between humans and their companion animals? The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) is a nonprofit that shares studies proving what many animal lovers already know.

Pets make your world a better place, especially if that place is one of anxiety and productivity challenges. Sound like a traditional workday? Consider some of the following advantages to making the move to remote work for both you and your pet.


Working from home successfully requires a schedule and good time management to maintain productivity. Not only does your employer expect you to be at “work” on-time, but a consistent schedule will also ensure you are not spending more time “on the clock” than you would if you commuted to your workplace. After all, just because you are working at home doesn’t mean you are at work 24 hours a day.

Luckily, at home, your work breaks can include spending quality time with your furry “co-worker,” and not just getting a snack from the office vending machine. During designated doggy breaks, go for a walk, play fetch or simply cuddle to temporarily escape from work or reduce stress. These breaks can be scheduled throughout the workday, just like a typical coffee break, and will certainly be much more fun than gossiping at the water cooler. If the weather isn’t cooperating, be sure to checkout these indoor dog exercises.

Set designated playtime with your dog

That being said, you don’t have to stay in separate rooms the whole time. You got a dog because you wanted to spend time around them, after all, and you can only resist playing with them for so long. To stay in a good work rhythm, set aside a block of time to play with your dog. (See if they have any availability on their calendars before scheduling the meeting.)

It’s more productive to get all your playtime with your pup out in one twenty-minute block rather than getting up to play with them for a few short minutes multiple times throughout the day. You don’t want to set the expectation that you’ll come over to them whenever they’re doing something cute. Your dog will catch onto that quick and seize the opportunity to keep distracting you.

Working From Home with Dogs – Puppy Edition – 7 Tips to Stay Productive While Keeping a Puppy Quiet

With the rise of working from home, more owners are spending the whole day with their dogs close by. Working remotely comes with its own benefits and challenges, especially when you have a dog as your coworker.

It’s great to be able to spend more time with your dog. There are many studies that show having a dog around improves your physical and mental health. But having your dog nearby doesn’t always make for the most productive work environment. They may get confused about why you aren’t paying them attention even though you’re working from home during the day, which might lead to them acting out.

The following tips for working from home with your dog will help you stay focused while keeping them happy.