Should I shave the hair on my dog’s paws? Tips and Tricks

Functions of Dog Paw Pads

Should I shave the hair on my dog’s paws?

The pads of your dog are designed to provide extra cushioning to the bones, tendons, and ligaments of the paw and to protect them from shock.

The pads also increase friction when your dog is walking, so they can be said to aid dogs in walking on rough terrains.

That’s why dogs that are bred in areas with rough trains have rougher and thicker paw skins while their counterparts that stay indoors have smoother, softer skin.

Finally, pads have thick fatty tissue layers that insulate your dog’s inner feet tissues from extreme weather temperatures because they don’t conduct cold and heat as quickly.

Despite their tough design and the fact that they take a lot of punishment to serve the above-mentioned functions, paw pads also get hurt. And if they do, healing is sometimes slow.

To protect your pup’s well-being, therefore, you need to take care of his paws. Your dog needs his paws to be in top shape for him to stay on the go.

So, it is your responsibility to take care of them and ensure that your canine buddy is able to keep moving.

Hairy Dog Feet and Paw Pads

Long hair in between the paw pads on dogs can cause older dogs to slip and fall. It also acts like a mop, soaking up mud and crud from outside to bring into your house.

Shaving the hair in between your dogs paw pads is not only good for them, but for pet parents as well. It’s a pretty easy thing to do yourself especially if your dog sits still for it.

Should I shave the hair on my dog’s paws?

If you have given your dog an at home haircut I find shaving the pads and trimming the feet is one of those small finishing details that give your pup a nice clean look.

It will also help not track so much of the outside elements into your home. If you have a pet that licks their feet or needs medication to be put on the paw pads shaving them will help.

I also find a lot less snow gets stuck in between the pads if the hair is removed during the winter months. (see Winter Exercise for Dogs)Watch

In cocker spaniels and other dogs prone to yeast, shaving the pads really tight can easily result in a yeast infection being able to take root in the pads. Dogs who lick their feet are less likely to cause bleeding and sores in the foot itself if a little hair is left. The pad is less likely to be damaged by foreign objects in the environment as well if there is a little bit of hair.

Leaving the hair in the pads (provided its not matted of course) and only trimming it flush with the pad or a very scoop in the pad area is more on trend now because we are beginning to realize that the hair is actually there to protect the tender skin between the toes.

How to Remove Hair from Dog Paws (The Easy Way)