Should I use a belly band on my dog? A Complete Guide

The Pros and Cons of Belly Bands for Dogs

Belly bands are washable dog diapers for male pups. Belly bands are not female dog diapers and DO NOT work for female dogs, as their private parts won’t be covered with a belly band.

Dog owners choose to purchase belly bands for their male dogs for many reasons, but mostly to save their carpet, furniture, and other items and areas from being damaged by their pup’s urine.

How to Keep Belly Band on Dogs

One of the most popular questions dog owners ask is how to keep belly bands on dogs. Sizing matters so much when it comes to keeping belly bands secure around a male dog’s body.

Most descriptions for dog bands will include sizing information. Pet parents just need to use a measuring tape to measure around the belly and then the length of the body to ensure the dog band reaches far enough down to the private area.

How Tight Should a Belly Band Be Around a Dog?

You should be able to put a couple of fingers in between the band and your dog’s skin. If the belly band is too tight around a dog, it can cause skin irritation and redness. If the belly band is too loose on a dog, urine may come out of it, which could cause quite a mess on the dog and on the floor and furniture.

Why Do Some Pet Parents Like Dog Belly Bands?

If a dog has a problem with house training, dog belly bands may seem like an easy and convenient way to stop accidents.

Other dogs have issues with urine marking or territorial marking in the house. If that happens, pup parents may see a dog belly band as a quick and effective solution.

Should I use a belly band on my dog?

Urinary incontinence is another cause of “accidents” in the house. Pet parents may like that dog belly bands help catch the leaks that can happen in that situation.

However, if they are not used properly – or if they’re used for the wrong reasons – they can cause more harm than good.

How to Use a Belly Band for a Dog