Should puppies have soft toys? What to Know

Interactive Dog Plush Toys

Buying a few plush toys just because they’re cute is fine – we all do it. However, the best plush toys are more than just a pretty face; they give your puppy something to do. These “plush with a purpose” toys have a variety of ways for your puppy to stay busy. Some have soft rings that your puppy can pull off, some have woodland critters hiding inside of a plush base, and some have Velcro parts that can be pulled off with a satisfying riiiip noise. Interactive plush toys that your pup can easily grab onto, and that make a variety of noises (like squeaks, honks and crinkles) are sure to keep your pup entertained.

“Activity” Busy Toys

“Anchor” busy toys and “activity” busy toys are similar in that they’re both treat-stuffable, but there’s one major difference: the activity type requires movement to get the goodies out. That means that your puppy must push, roll and paw the toy to get paid, which also means that he’ll need plenty of space to play with it. Because of that, they’re not a great fit for crate time and they’re best used when you’re supervising your puppy outside of his crate. The beauty of this type of toy is that it burns mental energy as your pup figures out how to unpack the treats, as well as a little physical energy as he moves it around for the payout.

Second, think about size

Be sure to keep your puppy’s size in mind. This includes their actual size, but more importantly, the size of their mouth. Many toys are labeled “puppy” because they are smaller. This may be just what you need if your puppy is a Chihuahua or even a Frenchie. However, they would be completely inappropriate for a Great Dane puppy that could swallow those toys whole.

For example, these puppy teething toys are labeled “XS”by Amazon and if you read the fine print on the packaging, it says for puppies up to 15 pounds. Even then, think about your dog’s mouth size more than his weight.

The main thing about size: DO NOT BUY ANY TOY THAT CAN FIT ENTIRELY IN YOUR PUPPY’s MOUTH, as it may be a choking hazard. Remember, puppies tend to try to swallow things more than adult dogs do. So while an adult dog may be perfectly safe with smaller toys, don’t trust that puppy just yet.

In addition, remember to take away toys if parts have broken off that are now small enough to swallow.

Benefits of Soft Toys For Dogs I By Shirin Merchant

Finding safe dog toys can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Today we are going to talk about what toys and bones to avoid giving your dog.

Stuffed animals can be hazardous for your dogs, especially if they have Poly-Fil in them. First and foremost, the filling on the inside of the toy can be a choking hazard for your dog. When your pet chews the stuffed animal, the filling can get caught in their teeth and cause them to choke on the other material lodged in their throats. Even if they manage to swallow the filling, it can still lead to internal problems like blockages and digestive issues. It is best to avoid toys that contain stuffing or Poly-Fillings.

While squeaky toys are bad for some people because of the noise they make when chewed on, there is another reason why they aren’t safe dog toys. They aren’t safe for your pets because the toy has a small plastic mechanism that makes noise when squeezed. This can be a choking hazard for your dog if they get that mechanism out and swallow it. Younger dogs are at higher risk of this happening.

These types of bones are hazardous for your dogs because of their likelihood to crack and splinter. Bones can be dangerous for dogs because of how hard the bone is and how hard the dog will chew on it. This can cause problems with their teeth or jaw. Cooked bones are far worse for pets than raw bones because cooked bones have a higher chance of splintering than raw bones.

These are just some of the types of dog toys you should stay away from, but there are plenty more and if you have any questions about safe dog toys, contact Animal Medical Center today to help you and your pet out.