Should you get a new dog before the other is about to die? Surprising Answer

Is your senior dog healthy enough?

Check if your senior dog is healthy enough to handle an energetic puppy with a visit to his usual vet. The vet may feel your dog will benefit from the change to his routine, and that the new puppy will encourage him to exercise and enjoy more activities.

If your dog suffers from illnesses like arthritis, late-stage kidney or heart disease, cancer, canine cognitive dysfunction, or other conditions that already impact his quality of life, now is probably not the right time to add a new puppy to his life. In this case, consider waiting until he passes away. Your life companion deserves a peaceful home and all the attention and care you can give him.

Choosing the right puppy

If you decide that getting a puppy is the right thing for the entire family, be aware that not every puppy is the right fit, even if your dog is generally accepting of others.

The adaptation process might be smoother if you consider things like the temperament and size of the puppy you are bringing home. It is preferable to get a more laid-back puppy and avoid high-energy breeds like herding dogs or huskies.

If possible, you should also try to match the adult size of both dogs. The most well-intentioned Great Dane puppy might accidentally hurt your senior Chihuahua, who might live in fear for the rest of his life.

Don’t forget to check if vaccination, deworming and flea and tick preventative treatments of both dogs are up-to-date. Consult your vet before bringing the new puppy home!

Consider Your Household

Consider other people living in your home. Spouses, partners, significant others, children, roommates, and other family members should have a voice. Are they ready to welcome a new dog into the home? Are they still grieving?

The decision to get a new dog should be one you make as a group. Have household meetings to discuss what is on the minds of everyone in the home. Once you can all agree to get a new dog, you can then discuss details like what kind of dog to get and where to get the new dog. Choosing your new dog should also be a group process.

Your Dog or Cat Dies..When To Get Another Pet?