Should you set alarm for puppy? Find Out Here

Daft suggestion alert! Baby monitor? I never had one for either child but I did for the puppy. Blush It meant I could sleep in bed but get down before any accidents and without the rest of the house waking up. Puppies are quite effective alarms!! Grin

@BiteyShark Yeah that’s what I’m worried about! I woke up this morning when he needed a poop as he was barking rather than whining – how can a puppy be so loud!! I take his water away at 7 and last meal at 6.30 in the hope he won’t need to poop at night or wee too much!

To be honest he barely drinks any water! He is on wet food, the Vet said as long as he’s weeing then not to worry as he will get most of what he needs from his food – but I will leave it out as now I’m worried

Dont set an alarm and dont take away his water. There has been a recent study showing dogs that have alarms take about 3 months on average longer to be able to make it through the night – this was a study done on medium size dogs . Agree with bed at 11 and aim to be up at 6.00 many pups can deal with this from 8 weeks.

Please dont take away his water. My pup is 10 months now and shows no interest in water overnight but as a puppy he did need a drink or two. We still always leave a bowl down for him though it mostly remains untouched. I never set an alarm with mine, but we had him in the bed so he woke us up scratching at the door. If yours is already barking to say he needs to go out I wouldnt bother with an alarm. Maybe have a baby monitor or something like that so you can hear him if he stirs?

FAQs about Night Time Puppy Potty Training

Before we close out for the day, let’s just quickly go over a few of the more commonly asked questions about toilet training your dog at night.

What should I do if my puppy has an accident during the night?

Clean it up and readjust his schedule as noted above. That’s really all you can do. It’s not his fault. DO NOT use any sort of punishment. For example, NEVER rub your puppy’s nose in his pee.

Puppy Potty Training At Night WITHOUT Setting An Alarm – Bringing Home A New Puppy Episode 6

Our weimaraner barked every single morning around 5:30 a.m. for more than a year. We finally solved the problem!

Here’s how to get your dog to sleep in. At least, this is what worked for us.

We bought a GE Bluetooth timer for a lamp that sits right next to our dog’s kennel in the living room.

Barking does not determine when he gets his breakfast. The lamp is what determines when he gets his breakfast.

I can’t believe how quickly this worked and I’m so glad we gave it a shot.

It’s extremely frustrating and stressful to be woken up at 5 a.m. to barking every single morning. The timer was a small price to pay for getting a good night’s sleep every night and starting my day without stress.

The timer even made my dog happier because he knows how to WAIT patiently. He’s calmer.