Should you shut the crate door on a puppy at night? Here’s What to Expect

Can you leave toys or food in the crate at night?

Leaving toys and food in the puppy crate overnight is not a good idea, it sends the wrong message to the puppy.

At night there should be no activities at all, no playing, and no food, the crate should be the place where the puppy sleeps and naps, and that’s it.

Most puppies will just make a mess with food and water if left overnight in the crate anyway.

You should stop feeding and watering your puppy at least a couple of hours before it’s time to get into the crate.

Leaving food in the crate means more potty trips during the night, and the puppy will spend the night chewing and playing and be all tiered during the day.

Dogs spend 50% of their day sleeping and another 30% of their waking time just foaming, so if your dog stays awake at night he will not have enough energy for you during the day.

When should I stop crating my dog at night?

Should you shut the crate door on a puppy at night?

If your dog is properly crate trained then he’s already comfortable sleeping in his crate and there is no need to stop crating at night.

If you do want to stop crating at night then you should not keep the crate open at night but rather change it with a playpen or a regular bed if the puppy is mature enough.

We always recommend crate training all dogs and think that it’s the best option for a dog to sleep at night.

Where should my puppy sleep at night time?

You’ll want your puppy to sleep close, but it should be in a crate or on the bedroom floor. Resist the urge to let them sleep in bed with you – puppies have small bladders and you won’t like what happens.

Expect to take them outside every few hours, as well, because of this! For every month of age, your puppy can only wait an hour before needing to go outside, so you’ll need to plan appropriately.

Stop Puppy From Crying in the Crate – Crate Training Tips

If you have ever brought home a puppy, then you know how difficult the first night can be.

Of course, they miss their mother and siblings! Your little furball might cry, howl, whimper… all normal puppy behavior. It can be heartbreaking to listen to. Eventually, though, most puppies grow into adult dogs who enjoy time spent in their crate.

Still, many dog owners wonder, “Should a puppy be locked in a crate all night? Is this cruel? Or is it good for their development and training?”

The canine experts at Senior Tail Waggers asked dog behaviorists for their perspectives on crating puppies throughout the night. This article covers everything pooch parents need to know, including whether or not to use crates, how to stop crying, and helpful tips and tricks to guarantee both your puppy (and you!) get a restful night’s sleep.