Should you wake a sleeping puppy? Here’s the Answer

Why is my dog so sleepy? The answer isn’t necessarily concerning

Sleep is extremely important for dogs and humans alike. Without the proper amount of rest, it is extremely challenging to perform our very best in whatever we do. Your pup is learning and growing every second of the day, so their slumber is even more important. Their sleep provides them the chance to recharge their batteries to be ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Rest is also important for retaining knowledge and forming memories. If you are proactive about teaching your dog after they are fully rested, they will learn faster, and you will develop a better bond. It’s not easy to plan every moment around your dog — and you won’t be able to– but time with and away from you is important for healthy development, too. It can be challenging to learn how to live in a balanced way as a pet owner, but we promise it becomes easier the more you practice and continue to educate yourself on what works with your unique pet.

How a sleep schedule can help your puppy develop (and keep you sane)

To help your pet strike the right balance of sleep and awake time, consider sleep training your puppy by creating a schedule that includes plenty of playtime, learning, and naptime during the day.

Take him outside for a potty break as soon as he wakes up, then feed him breakfast. After another potty break, let him play for the next few hours before letting him nap.

When he wakes from his morning nap, give him another potty break before you feed him lunch. Alternate periods of play, potty training, and naptime throughout the afternoon.

After dinner, take a short walk and work on leash training or let him play with family members. Refrain from letting him eat or drink a few hours before bedtime. Before you tuck him in, take him out for one last potty break.

How Often Should I Wake My Puppy To Pee At Night?

Generally, you should plan for 2-3 potty breaks during the first few weeks with a puppy, no matter if he’s sleeping or not. You can adjust based on whether or not your puppy actually goes during the night.

Should you wake a sleeping puppy?

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Even if your puppy doesn’t need to pee or only goes potty reluctantly, stick to your schedule for a couple of days.

Not only can you make sure that your pup’s potty needs don’t change, but you also eliminate the possibility of being thrown back when it comes to your puppy’s housebreaking.

Of course, every individual is different and you should try to steer into your pup’s natural cycle and adjust the potty breaks based on that.

Maybe your puppy needs 4 potty breaks at night or maybe 1-2 per night are just fine.

How many potty breaks you need may also depend on how tired your pup is, how much and when they drank, as well as what the breeder did with them before in regards to potty training.

Should you wake a sleeping puppy during the day?

When you get a new puppy, the first few weeks may be a bit hectic while working to get the puppy house trained and on a strict potty schedule. Throughout the day you have your puppy on a consistent schedule for going outside to potty, but then bedtime comes along, and you are unsure if you should continue your potty-training schedule throughout the night, even at the cost of your and your puppy’s sleep schedule.

Puppies do not generally need to be woken up at night to go potty, unless under the direction of a veterinarian or if your puppy has a health condition. As long as you are sticking to a consistent training schedule, you (and your puppy) can sleep through the night.

Below we will go over the reasoning as to why you do not need to wake your puppy up to potty at night, and possible situations in which you SHOULD wake your puppy up to potty at night. We will also cover what not to do to ensure your puppy sleeps soundly through the night.