Spuds Mackenzie Dog Type

In the 1980s, there was a Bud Light beer marketing campaign in which a dog named Spuds McKenzie appeared prominently. More recently, in 2017, we got a reminder of the dog through a Super Bowl LI ad. And that, once again, aroused interest in the dog’s breed.

The Spud McKenzie dog breed is Bull Terrier. A Bull Terrier usually has a head whose shape is oval: somewhat looking like an egg. It also has distinctive triangular eyes. And although it is a zestful and sociable dog, a Bull Terrier (like the Spuds McKenzie dog) can also be unbearably stubborn at times.

Some of the people who express interest in knowing the Spuds McKenzie dog type do so in a bid to find out whether they can acquire a similar dog.

But we also have those who endeavor to know the Spuds Mackenzie dog breed type out of pure curiosity. So you find that they may not really be keen on acquiring a dog similar to the one in those old time Bud Light beer ads.

But they only want to know the Spuds McKenzie breed just for the sake of it.

Often, and partly because the whole thing was so long ago, folks may even have difficulties remembering the name right.

That is how you end up with references like Spudz McKenzie, Spuds Mckinsey, Spuds Mckensie, Spuds Mckenzy or even Spot McKenzie dog!

What is clear all through is that there is still lots of interest in knowing the Spuds Mackenzie dog type.

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History, Care Tips, and Helpful Information for Pet Owners

Spuds Mackenzie Dog Type

Spuds Mackenzie Dog Type

The bull terrier is a medium-large terrier dog breed from England that has a short, smooth coat and a unique “egg-shaped” head. Its ears are small and pointed, and its eyes also are small with a triangular shape. Overall, these dogs have a solid, muscular build. They tend to be quite entertaining and energetic companions—goofy and stubborn, at times. They’re often called a “kid in a dog suit.”

HEIGHT: 21 to 22 inches

WEIGHT: 50 to 70 pounds

COAT: Short, smooth

COAT COLOR: Nearly any color, including white, red, fawn, black, blue, or brindle

LIFE SPAN: 12 to 13 years

TEMPERAMENT: Affectionate, lively, friendly


ORIGIN: England

Where to Adopt or Buy a Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are a fairly popular dog breed. So be sure to check local animal shelters and rescue groups for a dog in need of a home if you’re looking to acquire a bull terrier. If you want a puppy from a reputable breeder, expect to pay around $500 to $3,500, though this can vary widely.

For further information to help you find a bull terrier, check out:

If you remember the late 1980s, you probably recall the Budweiser commercials featuring a Bull Terrier named Spuds Mackenzie, whose sly grin and on-screen antics turned the breed into a pop icon. Many people were captivated by the breed’s unique head, muscular build, and fun-loving nature. After the ads aired, the Bull Terrier’s popularity soared.

Nicknamed “the kid in a dog suit,” the Bull Terrier is active and friendly, as well as being one of the clowns of the dog world. He has a larger-than-life personality that ranges from intelligent and innovative — not always the most desirable qualities in a dog — to placid and loyal. He also comes in a smaller version — the Miniature Bull Terrier — who shares the same attributes.

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Life with a Bull Terrier is always an experience. He’s a “busy” dog from puppyhood well into middle age. The Bull Terrier isn’t content to spend long periods alone day after day; he wants to be with his people, doing what they’re doing. He does best with an active family who can provide him with plenty of energetic play. He also needs someone who will consistently (but kindly) enforce the house rules. Otherwise, he’ll make up rules of his own. For that reason, he’s not the best choice for timid owners or people who are new to dogs.

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What breed is Spuds MacKenzie Dalmatian?

There are many key differences between bull terriers and pitbulls. The average bull terrier is smaller in both height and weight compared to the average pitbull. Additionally, the bull terrier has an extremely striking and memorable face and nose, while the pit bull has a face more similar to a variety of other dogs.

Is Spud Mckenzie a pitbull?

Spuds MacKenzie is a fictional character used for an extensive advertising campaign marketing Bud Light beer in the late 1980s, portrayed by a bull terrier named Honey Tree Evil Eye.

What type of dog is a bull terrier?

Bud Light party dog mascot Spuds MacKenzie was a bull terrier. The character was created by an Anheuser-Busch marketing executive, with Spuds making his first appearance during a 1987 Bud Light Super Bowl television ad.