Squeaky The Balloon Dog Replacement Parts

Squeakee Minis – Poppy the Bunny

Meet Poppy the Bunny! She’s not into Hip-Hop, she’s into Hip-POP! This bunny will make your child sound so funny when she repeats what your child says in her squeaky helium voice!

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Squeakee Minis – Collect Them All!

Squeakee Minis are the cutest mini balloon animals that love to play and interact with your child! They repeat what you say in their hilarious squeaky helium voice! Blow on their nose and hear them inflate, but inflate them too much and you’ll hear them “POP”! Pat your pet and hear them squeak! There are four Squeakee Minis to Collect in the range.

Meet Rainbowie! A rainbow colored balloon dog that is totally interactive and comes to life when your child plays with her! Pop Squeakee Rainbowie with her pink Pin to see and hear her deflate! Then inflate her back up with her pump!


How do you make a Squeakee balloon Dog?

4 AA batteries required.

What kind of batteries does Squeakee the balloon dog take?

4 AA batteries required.

Who makes Squeakee the balloon Dino?

4 AA batteries required.

How do you use Squeakee?

4 AA batteries required.