State Fair Mini Corn Dogs Air Fryer

Having grown up in a small community, I have always loved when the fair came to town. To me, the fair meant corn dogs and I LOVE corn dogs.

I have cooked corn dogs in the microwave, but they come out a bit chewy. I have cooked corn dogs in the oven, but they tend to be a little undercooked in all the wrong places. The best way to cook a frozen corn dog at home apart of having a deep fryer, are frozen corn dogs in the air fryer.

In just 7-8 minutes you can have perfectly cooked mini corn dogs. Follow these steps for the one trick to air fry these beauties perfectly. If you’re looking to air fry full-size frozen corn dogs, check out this post.

NOTE: Use a meat thermometer to make sure that your mini corn dogs are at least 165°F | 74°C. Some air fryers run hotter than others.

How Long Do You Cook Frozen Corndogs In An Air Fryer

You are going to air fry your mini corndogs at 380ºF for 8-10 minutes. The cook time will vary slightly depending on how big the batch of corndogs is and the size of your air fryer.

Ingredients Needed For Air Fried Mini Corndogs (screenshot for grocery list)

  • Frozen Mini Corndogs
  • Nonstick Spray or Oil
  • Ketchup and Mustard
  • How Long Do You Cook Frozen Mini Corn dogs In An Air Fryer

    This is one of the most frequently asked questions about cooking frozen mini corn dogs in the air fryer. Generally cooking mini corn dogs takes about 8-10 min at 380°F. So if you cook them at a high temp it will take less time.

    The duration of cooking also depends on how big your air fryer is, if you use an air fryer with a big basket that will cook the mini corn dogs faster.

    Can you cook Frozen Mini Corn Dogs in a microwave?

    Yes, you can make frozen mini corn dogs In the microwave. just place them on a microwave-safe plate, Then Microwave on high for 5 min or until heat. the duration may change depending on your microwave performance and temperature.


    How long do I put mini corn dogs in the air fryer?

    How To Cook Corndogs In The Air Fryer. Place frozen mini corndogs into greased air fryer basket. Arrange in an even layer. Air fry at 380ºF for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through.

    How long do you air fry frozen mini hot dogs?

    How To Cook Mini Corn Dogs In Air Fryer
    1. Place frozen mini corn dogs into the air fryer basket. …
    2. Set up the air fryer temperature at 380°F /190°C and cook the corn min dogs for 7 min contumely.
    3. Flip or shake the mini corn dogs, then continue to cook at 380°F/190°C for another extra 2 minutes.