Teddy Bear Cut For Poodle

How do you give a teddy bear cut?

  • Brush the Poodle or Doodle well, so that no tangles or mats are left. Use shampoo and conditioner to clean and soften the coat, then blow-dry it.(This is really important: Do not wash a dog before you have not brushed him, and do not try to trim a dirty dog’s coat. Brush and wash always needs to come first!)
  • Using high-quality clippers, start with clipping the neck and back.
  • Clip the dog’s legs, belly, chest and the rest of his body.
  • In order to really perfect the teddy bear cut, use scissors to neaten up the coat. Be very careful to not cut your dog or make a dent into his coat!
  • Ears can be difficult to get right in the beginning. Take extra time to carefully work around the ears.
  • As a last step, give the head the characteristic round shape. This will take some practice and will probably not look perfect right away. The more often you do it, the better you will get!
  • Using a slicker brush, fluff up the dog’s coat. Apply perfume or deodorant if you’d like, Voila – your teddy bear look is ready.
  • Teddy Bear Cut For Poodle

    What is the Poodle Teddy Bear Cut?

    When it comes to styling your Poodle’s look, you’ve got a lot of options. Puppies can start getting trimmed or clipped when they are between just 11 and 16 weeks old. Their cuts can be traditional, poofy, or a mix of different styles. The look for Poodles is not one size fits all. A relatively common type of hair cut for both Poodles and hybrid Doodles is the Teddy Bear cut. This type of look can be a great fit whether your dog is a new puppy or an older dog. Typically, a puppy cut is also known as a Teddy Bear cut. If Poodles ever needed another reason to amp up their cuteness, this haircut may do the trick.

    In this look, hair around all parts of the dog’s body is kept between one to two inches in length. It does not necessarily specify a distance, just that the length is consistent across the body. Different groomers may suggest different lengths of hair to cut for your Poodle. That includes the face. Leaving a couple of extra inches around the Poodle’s face is different from what is usually done for Poodles. Poodles are closely shaved in the front for easier eating, drinking, and licking in a traditional cut.

    However, with a Teddy Bear cut, the Poodle has an extra poof to their cheeks and around their eyes. This also makes the Poodle’s face much more like a puppy, adding to their overall beauty. Keep in mind that this style may require more attention to detail and help from a professional groomer. You’ll want to ensure that the dog’s edges are curved and smooth, intended to look like a bear, as the name implies. You’ll need to have the right pair of scissors and a smooth, steady hand if you’re up for trying this haircut on your own.

    How often do you need to give your Poodle a teddy bear cut?

    If you want your pup to always look freshly groomed, plan to give him a cut every 4 weeks. If you do not mind a bit of a grown-out look, then every 6-8 weeks will also be sufficient. (You can start trimming your Poodle puppy when they are young – this way they’ll get used to it and easily accept the grooming)

    In the beginning you should aim to clip less hair and go slowly. Many owners initially cut off too much hair and are upset that their dog does not look like they envisioned.

    Of course, that does not mean that you do not need to brush your pup in between. A Poodle or Doodle with a teddy bear cut should be brushed at least 2-3 times a week. If your dog spends a lot of time outside with you or plays wildly with other dogs, you should brush him every day.

    Teddy Bear Cut For Poodle


    What is the difference between a puppy cut and a teddy bear cut?

    The teddy bear cut is a popular trim for poodles and other long-haired breeds. With this look, your poodle has longer hair on her face for a soft, rounded “teddy bear” appearance, and the rest of the fur on her body is cut at a shorter, uniform length throughout.

    What is the best cut for a poodle?

    Teddy bear cuts are similar to puppy cuts in that they involve an even cut around the whole body. The only difference is that they’re geared more towards curly-haired dogs like Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and any other -oodle you can think of!

    How do I get my poodle to look like a teddy bear?

    • Lion Cut / Continental Cut. The Lion Cut is what most people think of when they think of this dog! …
    • English Saddle Cut. …
    • Summer Cut. …
    • Cupcake Cut. …
    • Lamb Cut. …
    • Puppy / Teddy Bear Cut. …
    • Dutch / Sporting Cut. …
    • Miami Cut.