Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie

Who doesn’t love Yorkies? One aspect that is very attractive about this beautiful dog is its shiny, silky coat. However, to maintain this gorgeous coat, owners should start with regular bathing and combing. In addition, such a soft coat needs frequent haircuts to keep the Yorkie’s hygiene and aesthetics. Among the great variety of Yorkie haircuts, one is very popular among their owners: the Teddy Bear cut. But what is this Teddy Bear cut?

The groomer cuts almost the same hair length all over the body in the Teddy Bear cut, except on the face. The groomer cuts all the hairs in the face in a circular shape, creating the illusion that the Yorkie looks like a teddy bear. With this cut, the coat is usually one to one-half inches long.

Some groomers do a cut variation by leaving the hair around the face and legs more extended than the rest of the body. Then the next thing they do is trim these excesses to give it a rounded shape in the best teddy bear style. To learn more about this and other adorable haircuts ideal for Yorkies, please continue reading this article.

What Is The Teddy Bear Cut?

When fall or even colder weather approaches, the Teddy Bear cut may be the ideal choice for your Yorkie. This cut represents an excellent balance of manageable length with great even coat coverage. This combination means that the cut will give your Yorkie the warmth he needs with reasonably easy maintenance.

The Teddy Bear cut leaves the Yorkie’s coat with a length of half, one, two, or three inches, depending on the owner’s taste and the groomer’s style. The adorable thing about this cut is that it gives a slightly fluffy and cuddly look at the same time.

This haircut requires more frequent visits to the groomer to maintain the correct hair length. In addition, it also requires continuous brushing to avoid hair knots. However, despite all of the above, this cut is relatively easy to maintain.

Other Haircut Styles For Yorkies

Apart from the Teddy Bear, there are many other fantastic haircuts for Yorkies. It is essential to analyze several aspects before choosing the Yorkie haircut.

Teddy Bear Haircut Yorkie

You should know that specific haircuts work better than others depending on the climate or the season of the year where they are. Yorkies are a small and delicate breed, so they are susceptible to temperature. A solution is to give them a shortcut in summer and an extended cut in winter.

After analyzing this factor, you should also evaluate how willing you and your family are to invest time and dedication in grooming your Yorkie. You must understand that some cuts require a lot of care at home, while others demand practically no maintenance at all. Some cuts are costly, and others are very inexpensive.

You must also decide whether you want a simple and easy-to-maintain Yorkie cut or a sophisticated and flashy cut that requires a lot of maintenance at home. For all these reasons, the following are some of the most common Yorkie haircuts, apart from the Teddy Bear style.

The Schnauzer-style cut leaves the hair around the whiskers, eyebrows, and ears a little long. The groomer trims the back quite a bit, and the lower third of the body is left a little longer, creating a skirt on each side and a tuft of hair on the chest. This style gives your Yorkie a serious and dignified look.

This cut is the most elegant and regal, but it is also one of the most complex to maintain. The show cut keeps the hair long and silky, almost down to the floor. It also has a bow on the head. If you choose this cut, you will have to spend many hours styling, washing, and waiting for the hair to grow long enough. It is not a cut for owners short on time and patience.

When the summer season arrives, or if you live in a naturally hot climate most of the year, the best decision is to choose a nice short haircut. The summer cut is a general term for any cut that keeps the Yorkie’s hair short and helps him stay cool in the hot season.

The summer cut could very well be the Teddy Bear or puppy cut. But if this cut is not short enough, you can opt for the kennel cut. In the kennel cut, the groomer leaves the Yorkie’s coat with a length of half an inch or less. In this cut, the groomer leaves the hair on the face a little longer.

This cut borrows somewhat from the style of the West Highland Terrier (or Westie) breed. In this cut, the groomer leaves the hair medium-long to resemble the cut of this famous breed. This cut also requires a lot of brushing to prevent hair knots, and regular maintenance is also necessary.

Understanding The Teddy Bear Cut

The traditional Teddy Bear cut follows the natural curves of the Yorkie’s face. The conventional cut maintains a similar length throughout the body, legs, and face.

Contrary to popular belief, the Teddy Bear cut does not set a specific hair length. We can find quite a difference in opinions from one groomer to another. Suppose you enjoy putting flirty ornaments on your Yorkie. In that case, you can ask the groomer to make the hair longer on the head so that you can put bows and other decorations on it.

The Teddy Bear cut works perfectly for both long-haired and cottony-haired Yorkies. This cut also helps to know which hairstyle will suit the dog’s face best. The benefit of this is that we can save time choosing the most attractive and adorable look for the dog. The groomer will only have to trim the hair to a level that is easy to maintain.


How do you cut a teddy bear on a Yorkie?

Teddy bear cuts are similar to puppy cuts in that they involve an even cut around the whole body. The only difference is that they’re geared more towards curly-haired dogs like Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and any other -oodle you can think of!

What is a teddy bear dog haircut?

The teddy bear cut is a Poodle or Doodle cut in which the hair is kept at about 1-2 inches long at all parts of the dog’s body, including the face. Traditional Poodle cuts have the face shaved closely to the skin.