Teddy Bear Labradoodle Haircuts

This hybrid breed has become widely popular over the years, and its easy to see why. They melt hearts in an instant with their sweet souls, playful personalities, and of course, their “awww”-inducing appearances.

Depending on what generation of Labradoodle they are, these dogs can have soft, fleece coats, wool coats (like a poodle), or hair coats (like a Labrador retriever). Their coats can be various colors, including: black, chocolate, white, silver, cream, golden, red, or a combination of colors. And while they were initially bred to be “hypoallergenic,” their level of shedding and coat care also depend on what generation they are. So, when things (inevitably) start to literally get hairy, its time for a haircut done by a professional groomer!

Lets “cut” to the chase: your Labradoodle will look adorable in any haircut. (Duh, right?) But whether youre on the lookout for a haircut that matches your pups personality or your budget, weve rounded up a few of our favorite Labradoodle haircuts we think you and your dood will love.

OK, who can actually resist turning their precious doodle into a real life teddy bear? We cant help but swoon at the sight of a teddy bear cut. (And were most definitely not the only ones!)

“Teddy bear cuts are by far our favorite,” says groomer Sarah Metzger, lodging manager at Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, N.J.

A teddy bear cut, as Metzger describes, is similar to a puppy cut in that theres one length all over—although, the differentiator with this cut is that it has a length of ⅝ of an inch all over or longer to give Labradoodles a longer style. Along with this longer do comes “a really cute round face, round ears, and keeping it nice and full to achieve the teddy bear look.”

Want to help your Labradoodle beat the heat? Or prefer a low maintenance do? Then the summer cut is the cut for your pup! This practical haircut keeps your Labradoodle cool in warmer weather with the body fur length typically cut to half an inch. You can also opt to keep your pups face and tail fur longer if you prefer.

In fact, its Metzgers most requested cut, she says. While there are various definitions of what a “puppy cut” is, she explains what it is and is not.

“We always like to have a thorough conversation with pet parents because they often think its one set style, and its not! A puppy cut is one length all over, but the length is determined by the pet parent,” Metzger explains. “It is not just one set length chosen by groomers—its all based on whatever style and length the parents prefer. This can be anywhere from shaved to a longer, fluffy look all over.”

If youre looking for an absolutely adorable (and unique!) hairdo, an Asian fusion haircut is a must-try. You wont be able to stop taking pictures of your sweet Labradoodle once theyre freshly groomed with this look!

“On Labradoodles, the body cut is shorter, and we blend the legs out to a longer flared style— giving off what we call a bell bottom look,” Metzger says. “We also can create a doughnut muzzle and so much more. There is so much creativity and the styles are endless!”

Add some attitude to your Labradoodles look thatll make them look just as cool as Travis Barker.

Lovelia Horn, dog trainer at Every Creature Counts, describes the mohawk as being an “edgy” and “very popular choice” for Labradoodle haircuts. It is a cut that requires regular maintenance to keep it looking good though, she says.

What Is A Labradoodles Coat Like?

As with many crossbreeds, Labradoodles can vary from dog to dog which may dictate which style of Labradoodle haircut you choose. Their coat, size, coloring, traits, and characteristics can differ a lot between dogs. It all depends on each dog’s parents and genetic history which traits that are most dominant and will show through in your dog. It can be a little bit of a lottery with a Labradoodle, but that is half the appeal of a crossbreed dog such as this.

A Labradoodle often falls into three categories of coat:

  • A fleece coat which is a soft covering of hair that is either straight or wavy. This is a textured coat that is soft and fluffy to touch and is the most sought after Labradoodle type. Everyone loves a pooch that is soft and fluffy to cuddle up with. This is considered one of the easier Labradoodle coats to take care of but it will still require regular grooming to keep it neat, tidy, and tangle-free.
  • The second type of coat is a wool coat. This comes from their Poodle ancestry and some dogs are more Poodle like than Labrador like in their coat appearance. This hair feels more like a Poodle with short, wiry hair that grows close to the body in tight curls. This type of coat takes more grooming and management and will require regular brushing and grooming and the odd hair cut too.
  • Hair – A Hairy Labradoodle is most like it’s Labrador ancestors, taking after the loyal breed that gives the dog its sociable and loyal nature. The hair can vary in length and type and can be straight or wavy. These often have the shaggy appearance people often associate with the Labradoodle breed. This type of hair needs regular grooming as it is prone to tangles but a good brush two to three times a week should help.
  • Labradoodles are excellent assistant dogs and since have become a firm favorite for families and dog lovers. These dogs love to be around people and will always be at their happiest when they are kept well brushed and groomed. There are many different types of Labradoodle haircuts and we hope that this article helped you decide which haircut to get for your dog!

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    What to tell the groomers at a labradoodle haircut?

    When you go to the groomers to give your labradoodle a haircut, make sure you have the following prepared:

  • Pictures of the haircut you want. Ideally, you would have a style of Labradoodle cut you want the groomer to follow (teddy bear cut, poodle cut, lion cut, puppy cut, lamb cut, etc.). It’s always best to show the groomer pictures so they can get a sense of what they want your dog to look like.
  • Approximate length of the hair you want your dog. You want to have a general idea of how short or long you want your dog’s hair. Most people will get their Labradoodle cut between ½ and 1 inch of hair. However, if your dog has mattes, then sometimes you can’t choose how long you want your dog’s hair. The groomer will be forced to shave your Labradoodle if there are a significant amount of mattes. Make sure that you are grooming your Labradoodle every day!
  • Vaccination records. If you have a puppy, several groomers like to see and verify the vaccination and blood records before they cut your dog. This is purely for safety reasons.
  • Grooming procedures you want done. Most grooming packages will come standard with a Labradoodle haircut which includes a bath and blow dry. However, there are several other grooming procedures that you can order including nail trim, teeth brush, anal gland expression, etc. These are good grooming procedures to get done if you don’t regularly groom your Labradoodle.
  • How Often Do Labradoodles Need Haircuts?

    Whether your Labradoodle is an F1, F1b, or F2, one things for sure: youll have to get your fluffy friend acquainted with grooming.

    How often, Metzger says, depends on three factors:

  • The style of the groom
  • The length of the haircut
  • How often youre brushing and combing your Labradoodle
  • “We always recommend every 4–8 weeks,” she says. “Four weeks being a very long haircut, and eight weeks being short.”

    She adds that if your dog has a longer hairstyle, you can always go to the salon in between appointments for what she calls a “face, feet, sani.” With these kinds of appointments, your groomer bathes and brushes out your dogs coat to maintain their appearance, making sure theres no matting, freshening up your pup with a trim, and cleaning up the sanitary areas.

    “All haircuts should be about lifestyle choices,” Metzger says. “If your dog doesnt like to be brushed or you dont have the time to keep up with the maintenance, we recommend shorter lengths.”

    She also often suggests dog parents are there for the bath in between grooms to determine conditions with their groomer as they go, to see how long their Labradoodles hair is, and what the ideal length is for their dog.

    “These baths can be set up as four weeks haircut, next four weeks bath, next four weeks haircut, and so on,” Metzger recommends. “If its a longer style that needs more maintenance, you can set it up as three weeks haircut, three weeks bath, and so on!”

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    How do you cut a Labradoodle teddy bear face?

    The “Teddy Bear” cut is another popular Labradoodle haircut and is similar to the Puppy Cut but leaves the hair around the face and legs longer. This cut gives them an adorable Teddy Bear look. It takes a fair bit more maintenance, though, and will need to be done fairly regularly, as the coat is left slightly longer.

    What do I tell the groomer for a teddy bear cut?

    The Teddy Bear cut is the most popular Labradoodle hairstyle and is the basic haircut that lots of Labradoodle parents choose. The Teddy Bear cut is basically a ½ inch or ¾ inch clip all over the dog’s body.