Teddy Bear Poodle Cut

If you’re interested in a Poodle Teddy Bear cut for your companion, then this guide has everything you need to know. As a pet owner, you can choose to have complete control over your dog’s haircut. From a standard clip to an elaborate trim that requires regular grooming and brushing, the choice is yours. A dog’s haircut can also indicate their personality and how well they are cared for. If their coats are messy, untrimmed, and matted, they may not be well cared for at home.

If a dog has a coat that is smooth, well-trimmed, and free of mats, you can assume that they are provided the love and attention that they need. In the case of many dogs, their coats can be kept either long or short. Often, this important decision comes down to how much you want to spend in time and money on grooming their coats. One breed known for its unique coats and diverse grooming and clipping options is the Poodle. These coats range in color, style, and density, making it even more exciting to find new haircuts for them.

When it comes to popular hairstyles for Poodles, the Teddy Bear cut has grown to become one of the top choices for dog owners. Whether you already have a Poodle or are looking for ways you may be able to style your future pet, we’re here to help. Next, we share some helpful things to know about the Poodle’s coat as well as the beloved and ever-popular Teddy Bear cut. We’ll also share some other trimming options and other best practices for caring for your Poodle puppy.

Can other breeds have this hair cut?

Yes! The teddy bear cut is very popular among a variety of small breeds with curly hair, such as the Shih Tzu, Bichon Frise, Cocker Spaniel or Maltese or Maltipoo. Below you can see a Bichon with a teddy bear cut:

Teddy Bear Poodle Cut

How Do You Do a Teddy Bear Cut on a Dog?

This cut performs exceptionally well with long, woolly, or thick coats. It provides your toy poodle with a nice-looking tidy coat. Read on to know about the steps that can guide you to perform a toy poodle teddy bear cut.

The first step for this amazing poodle cut is to assemble all the tools and supplies. They are as follows.

  • Dog Brush – It is to remove tangles and mats from your dog’s coat hair. Generally, 2 types of brushes are used, bristle and slicker.
  • Dog Shampoo – Hypoallergenic dog shampoos are quite useful for your dog, especially for sensitive skin. These shampoos have an alkaline pH to keep your pooch safe.
  • Dog Conditioner – It minimizes the mats and tangles in your poodle’s coat by keeping it moist.
  • Towel – It is used to dry out your poodle and refrain him/her from catching a cold.
  • Clippers – A clipper set (with blade number 10) and an attachment comb is an essential part of this poodle cut.
  • Scissors – You also need good-quality grooming scissors for trimming the hair around the eyes. It can also be used remove to trim additional hairs from the paw pads.NOTE: Scissors are recommended only for experienced owners because they can injure your pet.
  • Blow Dryer – It is an important grooming tool because drying allows you to get the exact style of your toy poodle.
  • Grooming Table – It’s optional because you can trim your poodle even without this table. However, it is a valuable investment (if you can afford) because it provides comfort and ensures safety while clipping.
  • Teddy Bear Poodle Cut

    Brushing and cleaning your pooch is a must before giving a toy poodle teddy bear cut. This is because trimming a dirty coat can cause skin infections. Therefore, you should start the grooming process by brushing your canine. Make sure that his/her coat is free from tangles and mats.

    Once it is done, it’s time to give your poodle a bath to remove the dirt. You can use a basin for a toy poodle to wash him/her. Use a dog shampoo and conditioner to soften the coat and then a towel and a dryer for drying purposes.

  • Start cutting at the bottom of the skull and clip the neck at each side.
  • Then, cut straight along the middle of the back to the center of the tail.
  • Now, clip over the hindquarters and ensure that you are clipping with the growth of the hair. Use blade 10 and perform trimming all around the abdomen, underarms, and genitals.
  • NOTE: For perfect results, you can use scissors to neaten up any messy parts.

    Teddy Bear Poodle Cut

    Simply clip extra hairs on the feet and legs of your dog. Make sure to keep them rounded and uniform in length. Also, try to keep your pup balanced while grooming (or use a grooming table). The hair of the leg should be even with the body hair after cutting. Similarly, you can trim the hair of the tail to get an even length.

    It is preferable to use scissors for cutting the hair around the ears. However, novice owners can use a clipper to make the trim. If possible, neaten the hair to a similar length and maintain it with the rest of the coat. Be careful while performing clipping on ears as it is the most challenging task (any carelessness can cause serious injury).

    This is the last step of the trim and you should only go for this if you have experience. Otherwise, hire the services of a professional groomer. Use scissors to blend and feather as necessary. But make sure to keep everything smooth and neat. While cutting around your dog’s eye and nose, make sure that these are in the center of the circle.

    How often do you need to give your Poodle a teddy bear cut?

    If you want your pup to always look freshly groomed, plan to give him a cut every 4 weeks. If you do not mind a bit of a grown-out look, then every 6-8 weeks will also be sufficient. (You can start trimming your Poodle puppy when they are young – this way they’ll get used to it and easily accept the grooming)

    In the beginning you should aim to clip less hair and go slowly. Many owners initially cut off too much hair and are upset that their dog does not look like they envisioned.

    Of course, that does not mean that you do not need to brush your pup in between. A Poodle or Doodle with a teddy bear cut should be brushed at least 2-3 times a week. If your dog spends a lot of time outside with you or plays wildly with other dogs, you should brush him every day.

    Teddy Bear Poodle Cut


    What is the difference between a puppy cut and a teddy bear cut?

    The teddy bear cut is a popular trim for poodles and other long-haired breeds. With this look, your poodle has longer hair on her face for a soft, rounded “teddy bear” appearance, and the rest of the fur on her body is cut at a shorter, uniform length throughout.

    How do you cut a teddy bear with a toy poodle?

    Teddy bear cuts are similar to puppy cuts in that they involve an even cut around the whole body. The only difference is that they’re geared more towards curly-haired dogs like Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, and any other -oodle you can think of!