Teddy Bear Schnauzer Haircut

Schnauzers are purebred dogs that come in several different sizes, all of which have a thick double coat. So, whether you have a Miniature Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer, or a Standard Schnauzer dog, you’ll need to visit a professional groomer regularly to have your dog’s coat clipped and styled.

But with so many amazing Schnauzer hair designs to choose from, ranging from classic Schnauzer haircuts to the wild and wacky Schnauzer Mohawk, where do you begin?

Schnauzers have thick double coats that demand plenty of daily maintenance and special attention to keep them in top condition.

Schnauzers have thick fur that can leave your dog susceptible to overheating in the summertime. For that reason, you might want to have your dog’s coat shaved very short throughout the summer months.

The same principle applies to your dog during the wintertime. If you shave off all your pet’s hair in the middle of winter, he’ll most likely feel the cold, and that could cause health problems. So, be sure to allow your dog’s coat to grow longer when the weather turns colder, or kit him out with a nice warm doggy coat to protect him from the elements.

Also, if you do decide to go with a longer style, you must take the time to brush your Schnauzer every day to prevent the coat from matting.

That luxuriant hair looks wonderfully glamorous when it’s allowed to grow long. However, you must make time to comb the hair out every day, especially if your Schnauzer is a messy eater.

Don’t be in too much of a hurry to take your Schnauzer puppy to the groomer for his first haircut.

Ideally, your puppy should be no younger than five to eight weeks old before he has his first visit to the groomer. Before you go, it can be helpful to get your pet used to being brushed at home and maybe let him hear the sound of a set of clippers so that he’s not frightened when he has his first haircut.

Schnauzers have dense, wiry, medium-length coats that require a bit of maintenance to keep them in good condition, including frequent brushing to prevent mats and tangles from forming in the coat.

In this collection of Schnauzer dog haircuts, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you and will suit your pampered pet’s lifestyle.

The Teddy Bear cut is a firm favorite with many dog owners of various breeds and features highly in our collection of Schnauzer haircuts.

With the Teddy Bear haircut, the pup’s body coat is clipped around ½ an inch in length all over. The Schnauzer version of this hairstyle has the facial fur clipped and trimmed with grooming scissors to create a round, fluffy look that resembles the much-loved Teddy Bear.

Although this hairstyle is relatively low-maintenance, your Schnauzer pup still needs regular brushing to remove dead hairs, prevent tangles, and keep the coat looking good.

How Often Do Schnauzers Need Haircuts?

Mini. Standard. Giant. No matter which schnauzer you have, they all share one common characteristic: dense, wiry, medium-length coats. That means that grooming is an absolute must for your sweet schnauzer. If youre wondering how often youll need to schedule your schnauzers grooming appointments, Schaefer says to plan for an appointment every 4-6 weeks as that timeline mirrors the dogs natural shedding cycle for optimal coat and skin health.

“All three varieties are traditionally groomed by a process called hand stripping, which is the process by which the groomer manually clears all of the dead hair to make space for a new, fresh coat to grow in,” Schaefer says. “Since their days as working pets, hand stripping has fallen out of fashion because it is a much more labor intensive and expensive process than clipping the coat that requires specialized tools and training; not to mention, most schnauzers now patrol couches instead of farmland.”

Schaefer explains that like all dogs, schnauzers have a compound hair follicle—meaning up to 30 hairs can grow out of just one follicle! Only one of these hairs is a “guard hair,” a hair that gives the coat its distinct color and texture. This hair starts its growth at the very base of the hair bulb and should be taken care of by the groomer, even if you opt to have the coat clipped, she adds.

“This removes excessive undercoat and allows that single guard hair to reach the surface of the skin. If this is not done, schnauzers can develop a condition known as schnauzer bumps, which are—in essence—a schnauzer version of ingrown hairs,” Schaefer says. “These little bumps can be irritating to the pet, have a potential to become infected, or cause the coat to look patchy, as no hair can escape the affected follicle.”

How Often Should Schnauzers Get Haircuts?

All types of Schnauzers have wiry, dense, and medium-length coats. This kind of coat makes grooming a necessity for all Schnauzers. So, what is the schedule for Schnauzer cuts?

Experts recommend taking your schnauzer for a haircut after four to six weeks. This timeline matches the natural shedding cycle of your dog. If you follow this schedule, you will give your dog optimal skin and coat health.

Notably, Schnauzers have compound hair follicles. For this reason, one hair follicle can support up to 30 strands of hair. However, only one strand becomes the guard hair. Guard hairs provide every dog with a coat of distinct texture and color. The guard hair starts growing at the base of a hair bulb. Therefore, it requires care even though the coat requires clipping.

Clipping helps the guard hair to get to the surface of the Schnauzer’s coat. If this hair does not get to the skin, your Schnauzer can develop bumps. Coat bumps are an indication of ingrown hair. They are irritating to the dog. Also, they can get an infection and give rise to a patchy coat because no hair can grow from the affected follicle.

Introduce your dog to clipping at an early age, regardless of whether it will be getting homemade or professional haircuts. Experts advise exposing a Schnauzer to professional grooming periodically to get the dog used to the exercise.

If you build a trusted relationship with a dog groomer, your dog will feel comfortable and happy during every clipping process. Also, the groomer will notice any health changes in your dog and advise you to take it to a vet. So, take time to identify an ideal pet groomer and create a long-term relationship.

Should I Do the Teddy Bear Cut on My Schnauzer at Home?

Brushing and washing your Schnauzer is easy. You can do it at home without the need for outsourcing expert services. However, is it possible to carry out Schnauzer haircuts at home? The answer is yes. You can give your Schnauzer a teddy bear shave at home. Doing so strengthens the bond between you and your dog.

To succeed in giving a homemade Schnauzer cut to your dog at home, you need to get Schnauzer haircut s. The s should feature how a Schnauzer looks from all angles after getting a teddy bear shave.

You also need to contact a professional groomer to get advice on the equipment you require to give your dog this cut. If you are unsure about the proper technique to apply when shaving your Schnauzer, inquire from the groomer.

Hand stripping your dog is an ideal shaving process to carry out from home. It does not require complex equipment. This process also saves you time and money because you do not need to commute or pay a professional dog groomer.

Investing in grooming equipment is costly. You also need to buy a hairdryer, a unique table, carding knives, and combs brushes, among other equipment.

Regarding the time you can spend at a pet grooming parlor, most pet groomers take between two and three hours to carry out most dog cuts, including the Miniature Schnauzer grooming cuts and Schnauzer puppy cut.

Groomers can also take four to five hours to six hours when shaving a Giant Schnauzer. This shaving time does not include the time spent when cleaning the dog after a shave. Clipping or hand stripping at home is cheaper than taking your Schnauzer to a professional groomer.

If you decide to invest in clipping equipment, you need to select the best clippers. So how do you do it? The following are the steps to follow when choosing the best clippers:

  • Identify the level of grooming that you need: If you want clippers to maintain your dog’s hair before making visits to a professional groomer, invest in inexpensive and light clippers. Otherwise, professional clippers and blades are for dog-show cuts.
  • Consider the dog hair type: Dogs with thick coats require a clipper with attachments. Such a clipper helps you alter your grooming to suit different weather seasons. If your dog’s hair is severely matted, taking it to a professional groomer is an ideal option.
  • Consider your pet’s behavior: Often, dogs dislike grooming. They can become restless or move around during the grooming process. You require cordless clippers to give you flexibility when shaving a troublesome dog. Also, go for quiet clippers for dogs that do not like noise.
  • Consider the accessories and blades: High-end professional clippers come with additional knives and brushes. If you are a beginner groomer, go for clippers with an attached guide comb. Such a clipper will result in an even dog coat. Notably, the number on the blades depicts the length of hair that the blade will leave on the dog’s coat.
  • Select a quality brand: If you want clippers that will give the best results for a long time, go for a high-quality brand. You can check online for reviews about different brands and select the brand that most dog groomers praise.
  • Teddy Bear Schnauzer Haircut


    What is a teddy bear dog haircut?

    Teddy Bear Cut

    The teddy bear cut leaves your schnauzer with “one length all over, with a teddy bear head and schnauzer beard that is trimmed with more of a rounded style instead of square-like with a traditional clip.”

    What is a Schnauzer puppy cut?

    The teddy bear cut is a Poodle or Doodle cut in which the hair is kept at about 1-2 inches long at all parts of the dog’s body, including the face. Traditional Poodle cuts have the face shaved closely to the skin.