Thornit Powder For Dogs Ear Infection

How long does Thornit take to work?

Emma Skeates

I have been using Thornit on my Labrador now for 4 days. He has had ongoing ear infections for most of his life which I have spent a fortune on with various vet prescribed washes, drops and oral antibiotics, none of which have helped. So I thought I would try this. The wax (well brown yukky stuff) seems definitely to be drying up slightly, but there is still a lot of moisture when I massage his ear. The texture is changing to a more treacle like consistency. My question is (a) how long does this normally take to work and (b) do I need to wash his ears out with ear wash whilst treating him with Thornit?

Thornit works by drying out the canker so we wouldnt recommend washing out his ears as you are wetting the powder. You can carry on using for a little longer for up to 10 days but if the problem hasnt been resolved by then it probably isnt canker or mites and you would need to speak to your vet again.


Hi, can you please let me know if thornit is safe for my 16 week old poodle puppy

There are no ingredients in Thronit that are unsafe for puppies so you should be fine to use it.

In Summer months, wax can easily build up in a dogs ear due to the warm weather and water play. Regular checks can help spot early signs of ear conditions which can be irritating and painful for your four-legged friend. You should always contact your Vet if you notice redness, odour or discharge from your dog’s ear, or if they seem to be in particular discomfort.

The Problem: Ear mites Ear mites (or ‘Otodectes cynotis mites’) are a common and relatively mild parasite infection. However, left untreated, ear mites can cause more serious ear problems.

Some breeds are more prone to ear mites, especially those with droopy ears with long ears canals.

You probably have an established health routine for your dog; you check his paws after a walk, brush him regularly and take care of his teeth with delicious treats. But are you checking his ears regularly?

Ear mites multiply if long ear hair (both inside the ear and on the ear flaps) that causes a lack of ventilation, as well as wax build up. And if your dog enjoys a cool swim in the warm weather, then moisture can also attract mites.

I have used this product for around three years now, having had a long standing problem with my rhodesian ridgeback suffering first itchy ears, then he began to chew his feet. I went through many products to treat it, he even had steroids from the vets which gave temporary relief. I had Thornit suggested to me and this is by far the most amazing product I have used, no more smelly ears, and the hair actually grew back on his feet after he stopped trying to eat them. You dont need to use much either, just as well with the size of Jasper!

Wow after spending hundreds of pounds over the years on ear products and vets this has completely calmed down my labradors troublesome ear which is no longer red and angry looking I dont think its a cure (vets cant cure it) but definitely brought some relief to my boy. Wish Id bought this years ago June Hostan Van Riel


How do you apply thornit powder to a dog’s ear?

Thornit powder is the most effective and traditional canker powder remedy that can be applied directly to the ear surface of dogs, cats, and small animals in order to treat cases of ear mite, reduce symptoms, and ease irritation.

What can I give my dog to soothe his ear infection?

Thornit Ear Powder is used for ear mites and their complications – such as itching – in dogs, cats and small animals. Itchy ears are usually caused by an ear mite which also creates blobs of wax that can be seen in the ear.