Thornit Powder For Dogs Ears

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We only send this product to UK customers. If your pet has irritated, smelly, or itchy ears – Try THORNIT EAR POWDER. Using an old make-up brush or an art brush, dip the brush in THORNIT then lightly dust around the inner ear avoiding the ear hole. Gently massage it in with your fingers from the outside. Do this twice per day for 1-5 days. Customers have reported changes often come quite quickly. May also help with other related irritations. Suitable for dogs, cats and rabbits. THORNIT powder can also be used to ease hand stripping hair from the ears of long haired breeds (consult with your groomer about how to apply). THORNIT powder has long been used in dog showing.

THORNIT is a formulation invented in 1907 by a Mr. Watchman, an Australian vet using a simple mixture which may lessen any irritation your dog may have. This formula was discovered and brought across to UK by Miss Bett and has stayed in the family since 1930s. Whilst many claim to know this formulation, it is a secret known only to the Bett family and has been handed down the generations.

Cleaning gently with THORNIT EAR POWDER may help (especially dogs who hate ear drop cleaners) If your dog is has smelly or itchy ears – Try THORNIT EAR POWDER. Many customers have told us that they have used THORNIT and dogs love having their ears cleaned this way

No matter where you live in the world, easiest way is to buy from our online shop. We are used to sending out to places as far as North Norway to Tasmania, Australia in the south. THORNIT EAR POWDER have been selling THORNIT for 15 years and over the years have helped around a quarter of a million owners and their pets.

How long does Thornit take to work?

Emma Skeates

I have been using Thornit on my Labrador now for 4 days. He has had ongoing ear infections for most of his life which I have spent a fortune on with various vet prescribed washes, drops and oral antibiotics, none of which have helped. So I thought I would try this. The wax (well brown yukky stuff) seems definitely to be drying up slightly, but there is still a lot of moisture when I massage his ear. The texture is changing to a more treacle like consistency. My question is (a) how long does this normally take to work and (b) do I need to wash his ears out with ear wash whilst treating him with Thornit?

Thornit works by drying out the canker so we wouldnt recommend washing out his ears as you are wetting the powder. You can carry on using for a little longer for up to 10 days but if the problem hasnt been resolved by then it probably isnt canker or mites and you would need to speak to your vet again.


Hi, can you please let me know if thornit is safe for my 16 week old poodle puppy

There are no ingredients in Thronit that are unsafe for puppies so you should be fine to use it.


Is thornit powder good for dogs ears?

Thornit powder is the most effective and traditional canker powder remedy that can be applied directly to the ear surface of dogs, cats, and small animals in order to treat cases of ear mite, reduce symptoms, and ease irritation.

How do you use thornit powder in dogs ears?

Apply THORNIT Canker Powder twice a day. Relief comes with the first dose, but the treatment should continue for 1 to 5 days (usually 3). WHEN THE BROWN WAX STARTS TO MOVE – STOP This means that the mite are dead & the wax will come away, pushing out the powder and leaving a clean ear.

How often do you use thornit powder?

Ingredients: Zinc oxide, talc, iodoform, boric.

What’s in thornit powder?

Ingredients: Zinc oxide, talc, iodoform, boric.