Undertale Petting Lesser Dog

Can you pet the dog Undertale?

Sparing him aborts the Genocide Route. After his “Completely Normal Attack”, Papyrus’s defense is set to his current HP times negative two. It is possible to attack him without instantly killing him, but the only way to do this is by using the Tough Glove and only confirming the attack once rather than four times.

Jerry can immediately be spared if the protagonist’s LV is 8. The protagonist must kill Toriel and most, if not all of Snowdin to achieve LV 8 while Jerry can still be encountered. When Jerry appears with Snowdrake and the protagonist makes a joke, Jerry can be spared.

Coat short, double coat
Color tricolor (black, rust or tan, and white)
Litter size up to 18
Life span approximately 11 years

How long can Lesser dog’s neck get?

The neck stretches infinitely into the cosmos. … Don’t worry about it.” This is also a reference to the easter egg that can be achieved by petting it at least 54 times. Lesser Dog is the only Royal Guard member that is not a boss or miniboss.

How do you solve the papyrus puzzle in Undertale?

The puzzle can be solved by walking over the tiles correctly, but if the protagonist has difficulty solving the puzzle, they can ask Papyrus, who reveals that there is a switch on a nearby tree trunk.


What happens if you keep petting Lesser Dog Undertale?

If you pet Lesser Dog once, you can spare it. If you keep petting it, its head will keep rising, eventually surpassing the dialogue box and even the menu. Lesser Dog can be pet a whopping 54 times before it can be pet no more. Like other dog enemies, the Stick can be used to end the Lesser Dog battle instantly.

What do you do with Annoying Dog Undertale?

Lesser Dog can be spared simply by petting it only once. If Lesser Dog is pet more times, its head keeps rising, eventually ceasing its attacks, surpass the dialogue box, and even the menu. Lesser Dog can be pet 55 times before petting it triggers no new messages.