Using Germolene On Dogs

Germolene is safe to use on dogs if applied appropriately and in short term use. You will need to be watchful if your dog chews or licks itself because some of the ingredients in Germolene are not safe for consumption. It would be best to use an alternative cream specifically made for dogs for long-term use.

When And Where To Use Germolene On A Dog

If you do want to use Germolene on your dog, its essential you do so properly.

There are some areas for instance in which are not suitable altogether for this cream.

Here are the recommendations of where you can and should not apply:

Where You Can Apply Where You Should Not Apply
Tail (including the base) Nose
Legs Mouth
Bottom Eyes (in or around)
Neck Ears (in or around)

For areas it can be used, it is generally advised to apply a very small amount. At least to begin with.

It should only be applied to a clean wound or affected area.

If you can rubbing it in somewhat is advised.

It is also recommended never to apply it to a dog at night.

This way, you can monitor how your dog responds to it and you can stop them from licking at the cream.

You do need to be particularly careful with Germolene. Its not really an apply and leave solution.

This is why it is advised to get a much safer all-natural alternative for long-term usage. We will discuss the exact product to get later on.

Nevertheless, I did speak to a vet about using Germolene specifically on dogs and this was his response:

What if a dog licks Sudocrem?

If your dog licks and ingests a large amount of Sudocrem, they could come down with zinc toxicosis. This could have dangerous results and worsen the situation. Sudocrem is considered safe for dogs but you should be careful in how you use it. Many veterinarians recommend this product for use.

Can you use E45 cream on dogs?

E45 products are designed to be used to treat skin conditions in humans and therefore it is not recommended that you use any E45 products to treat itching in dogs. If your dog is currently suffering from dry and itching skin you should discuss treatment options with your veterinarian.


Can I use Germolene on my dog?

Once the wound is clean you may apply human wound treatment ointments such as Germolene and Bactroban. Be warned any ointment applied to a wound will often be licked by your pet so it is important to prevent this. An Elizabethan collar (cone of shame) often works well as it keeps the pet’s mouth away from the body.

Can I use human antiseptic cream on my dog?

Antiseptics such as Savlon, Dettol and similar products should never be used! They are far too harsh, he said. Similarly, dogs should never be given human medications such as paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-depressants or sedatives unless under specific veterinary advice. If in doubt, don’t do anything at all.

What antiseptic cream is OK for dogs?

Apply a non-stinging antiseptic solution to the area. Chlorhexidine is cheap, extremely effective, and readily available. A 2% solution limits tissue irritation, but 4% solutions are also commonly used. Povidone-iodine solution is another good option.