Vitamins For Newborn Puppies Philippines

New Born Puppy Boost is a rich nutritional supplement in the form of an oral paste designed to boost energy supply for small, weak and underweight puppies and kittens. It allows them to fight diseases. It ensures a good balance of the gut flora and helps prevent diarrhea. It helps in improving the puppys physical condition and suckling. It provides resistance to stress. This is ready and simple to use, easy to handle with no waste.

Price Range of Vitamins for Dogs in the Philippines

The price of the best vitamins for dogs in the Philippines ranges from ₱ 100 to ₱ 600, depending on the brand. The dog vitamins price is very affordable that you have to try and see for yourself!

Are Dog Vitamins Necessary?

Aside from the love and care, we give to our dogs, surely, they’ll need the essential supplements that will help them stay healthy. Even if they are getting enough healthy meals each day, it is vital that we also provide them with vitamins– just as how vitamins are part of people’s diet. By providing our dogs with vitamins, they get the necessary nutrients they might not get in their meals – thus, we can promote their health and keep them in good shape.

How to Give Your Dogs the Vitamins They Need?

Just as we talked about a while ago, our dogs need water-soluble Vitamins C and B vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, and K– these are the primary nutrients that our dogs need.

However, there are times –such as when they are pregnant, lactating, or getting old– that our dogs might need a unique vitamin that is not mentioned above. As pet owners, we can also research which vitamins we should give our pets. And for today’s pet series, we have listed all the types of vitamins you can take as a piece of advice, and you might consider them for your pet. Yet, during these times, it is best to consult their veterinarian to know which vitamin is the best for our pets.


Can I give vitamins to a newborn puppy?

If puppies are receiving a good quality, balanced diet, they should not be given any additional vitamins or nutritional supplements.” Weaning them onto one of the complete puppy foods (which are available in dry or canned forms) ensures balanced nutrition.

What supplements to give newborn puppies?

PetAg’s Esbilac milk replacer powder provides additional nutrition for newborn puppies who have been orphaned, rejected, or are nursing and need supplemental feedings. The formula contains prebiotics and probiotics plus vitamins and minerals.

What nutrients do newborn puppies need?

Progeny’s multi-use prenatal supplement for dogs is also ideal for use during the time leading up to pregnancy and to help support lactation after birth. The powder formula contains amino acids to build protein and develop muscles and organs with vitamins and minerals that support the mom and the pups.