Weight Gainer For Pitbull Puppies

Combine 5 pounds of ground raw meat, 5 cups each of whole grain cereal and slow-cooking oats, and 2 1/2 cups of raw wheat germ. Add in 3/4 cup each of vegetable oil and molasses, six egg yolks, five packets of unflavored gelatin and 2 1/2 tablespoons of a powdered weight-gain supplement. Mix thoroughly.

Picking the Best Dog Food for Pitbulls to Gain Weight

First, youll need to discuss this with a veterinarian to rule out any possible health problems in your Pit Bull that may be causing weight loss or lack of weight gain.

Pitbulls have been overbred, causing many genetic issues and health ailments in the breed, interfering with their muscle and weight gain. Their common disorders include skin conditions, allergies, thyroid disease, knee problems, hip dysplasia, nerve disease, and bladder stones. Adjusting their diet may help with some of these issues, which subsequently will help with weight gain.

Feeding athletic dogs like Pit Bulls is not the same as feeding a mostly sedentary home pet. If youre focused on muscle gain, youll need to balance between high protein (for muscle recovery and growth post-exercise) and high fat (for energy and recovery).

Pit Bulls are in the intermediate athletes category. Studies show that 70% to 90% of their energy will be sourced from fat metabolism (not carbohydrates, unlike endurance athletes or sprint athletes).

Besides high protein and high fat, your Bullys food will need to contain a higher than average calorie content per meal. The protein source must be meat-based (not plant-based). Additional vitamins and minerals (particularly for joint and hip protection) are just as crucial if your Pit Bull is exercising regularly.

Other than a specific brand of Pit Bulldog food, you can also supplement to achieve the results. For example, Bully Max ($69.99) weight gainer or MVP K9 Supplements ($44.99) muscle builder are two of the most popular ways to help a Pitbull gain weight.

Check the Labels

Labels are very important when youre looking for the best dog food to build muscle. While its important to choose high-protein feeds, you would also want to avoid fillers and additives.

Choose one of these top 5 Dog food for Pitbull puppies to gain weight and muscles


Weight Gainer For Pitbull Puppies

So you have a pitbull puppy great. This article is for those who are looking for best Dog food for Pitbull puppies to gain weight and a lean muscular body.

Following is the photo of how muscular a pitbull puppy would become when he grows to his adulthood if you give them the proper food with the correct protein, fat and carbs and other essential micronutrients.

Weight Gainer For Pitbull Puppies

Do you want your pitbull puppy too look exactly the same muscular and attain a healthy weight gain? You need to give him the best available Dog food for Pitbull puppy to gain weight.

We will help you find the best one now.


What should I feed my pitbull puppy to gain weight?

High protein and fat foods are great for dogs who need to gain weight. Feeding your dog a diet higher in fat and protein, which will help your dog gain weight steadily over time. Foods high in protein and fat will help your dog healthily put on weight, and you should notice a weight increase in just a couple of weeks.

What can I give my puppy for weight gain?

The 5 Best Foods for Pitbull Puppies to Gain Muscle
  • Wellness CORE Large Breed Puppy Dog Food – Best Overall. …
  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dry Dog Food – Best Value. …
  • Elite K9 Nutrition Max Bully Dog Food – Premium Choice. …
  • Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast Dog Food. …
  • Bully Max High Performance Super Dog Food.

How can I fatten up my pitbull fast?

Royal Canin Recovery is a high-calorie, nutrient-dense dog food that is also labeled to support the growth of puppies. If your puppy will only eat small amounts, this food will pack calories and nutrients in a few bites than regular puppy food.