Wentworth Why Did Judy Stab Allie

Judy confesses to attacking General Manager Ann, angering Allie. Judy later stabs Allie in the shower, seriously wounding her. It is revealed that Judy stole Reb’s surgery money and used it to hire an assassin to assassinate the visiting United States Secretary of State, who is seeking her extradition.

Season 8[]

Enters the prison in episode 3, and quickly aligns herself with Allie Novak in getting the prison to change their food supplier after the food goes from bad to worse. Has a confrontation with Tony Cockburn and later learns Ann Reynolds set her up.

In episode four Judy speaks with Ruby Mitchell, Sue “Boomer” Jenkins and Allie, and Ruby reveals to Judy what happened during the siege and reveals that Allie shot Sean Brody after Brody killed Boomers mother and Vicky Kosta. Judy calls it a mafia movie, at the same time a news report comes out with the news of Joan Ferguson being alive. Judy later phones her dad in a supervised called with Vera Bennett, when she phones her dad, he ignores her pleas and hangs up.

In episode five helps Ruby find Rita Connorss protection address when Boomer causes a distraction by releasing a mouse into the auditorium. Judy faces the wrath of Ann Reynolds when Ann uses Linda Miles to “break her” but Linda goes to far and pepper sprays Judy while in the slot.

In episode six is released from the slot after threatening to go to the ombudsman over mistreatment. Walks in on Boomer and Allie interrogating Marie Winter after Ruby goes missing, Judy suggests that they waterboard Marie for info but she gets worried and tells them to stop.

In episode seven Judy learns from Ann that she is set to be extradited to the United States to pay for her crimes, when Judy returns to the yard she stops and says she wants to phone her father, Linda tells her its not happening, and then she lays on the ground, Linda tells her to get up, but she refuses, Linda tells the guard to grab her as Judy tells Linda what is she gonna do “get the pepper spray” Linda and Officer Rochford carry Judy back to her unit where she tells the women shell be marched to the states to face prison time over there. Judy tries to make contact with her father during time in the call centre but fails when she is caught. She is allowed a phone call by Ann to call her father, but her father refuses to have anything else to do with her. Ann calls Judy “a disappointment” and learns that Lous notes have been going to Ann the entire time. Judy then goes back to the unit and lies and says there was no call, but makes the bold plan to assault Linda anyway. When they wait in the kitchen for Linda to come, they grab Ann and knock her out by pushing her into the kitchen bench. When Boomer and Ruby realise its not Linda but in fact Ann they try to Judy to stop attacking her but Judy repeats back to Ann what she said to her, they rush off back to their units where Judy is called a dickhead by Ruby for going ahead with her plan.

In episode eight the women are in lockdown due the attack on Ann. While Boomer and Ruby want to fess up to Allie that the three of them were responsible for the bashing of Ann, Judy is having no part of it, and tells Allie that it was actually Lou Kelly who did the deed.

In episode nine Judy learns of the US plan to extradite her through a news report. Judy wanting to forget for awhile trips on LSD and slaps Allie, as Sheila Bausch manages to calm her down.

In episode ten Judy tells Allie it was her who bashed Ann to protect the crew. Allie later confronts Judy about stealing Lous phone and her money. Judy explains her actions by needing money for a lawyer but promises to give Lou back the money and phone. Judy later learns from a news report that the Secretary of Defence was shot dead and she later pays the assassin. Judy later brutally stabs Allie in the shower block leaving her for dead.

Season 8 Part 2[]

In episode one, Judy learns that Allie is returning from the hospital and makes an attempt to get slotted by attacking Lou. Will doesnt slot Judy and says that Allie needs her friends more then ever. Judy talks with Allie and tells her that she kept the money from Reb and Lou. Judy later listens to Ruby and Boomer write for Gavin.

In episode two, Judy talks with her lawyer when he says they can delay the extradition back to the states if they can find a reason. Her lawyer says that if her lover needs care it can delay court by at least six months. Judy says her lawyer is a genius and leaves. Judy later finds Allie in her cell after she falls from her wheelchair. Judy tells Allie its her fault that shes in the chair, because of the money. Judy later in the dining room says she hasnt seen Sheila since work unit. When the prison goes into lockdown, Lou reveals she killed Sheila.

In episode three, Judy tells Ruby and Boomer that Allie has started her lawsuit against the prison, Judy later meets Rita when Rita is brought back into the prison. Later Judy tells Allie that she does have a plan to get a Stay of Proceedings in her case if she can use Allie. Allie basically agrees. Judy and Allie later see her lawyer together who gets the proceedings underway. Judy jokingly agrees to be Boomers third choice if Ruby were to back down from the fight, and she later watches the fight unfold. Judy comments on the nature of the Restraint Stations calling them a fascist idea.

In episode four, Judy is first seen helping Allie do her physiotherapy and is in the yard when Ann has a bag of urine thrown at her, Judy is put on a Restraint Station and when Linda and Ann return 2 hours later Ann tells Linda to leave Judy on the station all night. Judy is found the next morning by Will Jackson and he unclips her and takes her to medical. Judy later gets an apology from Ann and tells her she is in a forgiving mood. Judy later thanks Allie and kisses her on the cheek when she reveals that she is getting a stay of proceedings, little does Judy know that Lou said she walked past Lou when Lou was on her way to kill Allie.

In episode five, Judy tells the women that she got money from crowdfunding to get a new lawyer that is a QC. Judy gets high with Allie and she reveals that she used Rebs money to pay for a lawyer, and tells Allie she attempted to get Will to slot her but didnt. Judy and Allie are slotted when Linda finds them. Judy later tries to attack Allie in the showers again but is caught out by Boomer, Ruby and Rita. Its then revealed to the entire prison Judy was the person who stabbed Allie and a target is put on her back. Judy tries to make a deal with Lou when they are in the laundry and is almost put in the dryer until an officer says that her lawyer is here. Judy is attacked by Boomer who bashes her. Judy talks with Ann who says her world is falling apart but Ann has already lost the most important thing. It is revealed that Judys extradition is back on after Allie has withdrawn her statement of dependency and her QC wasnt much chop. Later is taken to the dining room and cornered there and almost drowned until she is placed under Lous protection. Lou and Judy make a plan, when Judy tells Lou they will bomb their way out of Wentworth.

In episode six, Judy talks with Lou about the bomb in the showers and she tells Lou that her hearing is in a few weeks. She almost attacks Marie when she says she wants to move in, as Lou says that she is under her protection.

In episode seven, Judy is seen in her cell when Marie is moved units.

In episode eight, Judy is seen telling Lou that Rita is the bigger problem then Marie.

In episode nine, Judy talks with her father and it is revealed that Tony Cockburn planted the evidence on her laptop and that the extradition is off. Ann learns of this and asks Linda to bring her to the plant room. Judy is belted by Ann with a baton and she tells Lou she no longer wants revenge as she is getting out.

In episode ten, Judy is seen meeting with her lawyer when she spots Frazer in the prison, where she knows that Lou has just fucked over the women. Judy tells Lou to call it off but Lou refuses to. Judy is later taken to a holding cell by Linda on Anns orders where Judy screams for the governor. Judy tells Ann of the bomb but Ann reveals she already knows and that the NSO are on top of the plan, Judy says to Ann she cant trust the NSO. Ann says that Judy is getting whats coming to her as she was part of the plot that killed her daughter. Judy is found by Vera after the prison explodes with a piece of metal still out of her chest.

Judys last lines are “Ms Reynolds. You have to stop it… fuck!”

What did Joan Ferguson do to Allie?

When Allie goes to the showers, Joan Ferguson gives her a hot shot intended to kill her. Bea finds Allie in the showers and raises the alarm. Allie is transferred to hospital and placed on life support.

During season eight, most of the other characters refused to believe that Joan really did have amnesia, instead thinking she was faking the memory loss and knew exactly who she was.

With Wentworth revived due to fan demand after its apparent demise, and the cast and crew now entering their final stretch behind bars, Katrina Milosevic – the woman who breathed life into Boomer – professes herself somewhat daunted by the rapidly approaching end of her custodial journey.


Why did Judy hurt Allie?

In episode nine Judy learns of the US’ plan to extradite her through a news report. Judy wanting to forget for awhile trips on LSD and slaps Allie, as Sheila Bausch manages to calm her down. In episode ten Judy tells Allie it was her who bashed Ann to protect the crew.

Does Allie find out Judy stabbed her?

In episode five, Allie tells the Maire so she can spread the word the person who attacked her was Judy, after Judy high on laughing gas revealed she stabbed her and attempted to get slotted by Will as a result. Allie also with other inmates learns of strip searches because of the camera in the prison.

Who stabbed Allie on Wentworth?

What happened to Allie on ‘Wentworth’? We end the season with Allie, Wentworth’s new Top Dog, on the floor of the bathroom, getting a glimpse of Lou standing over her, even though it’s actually Judy, the new hacktivist, who brutally stabbed her and left her for dead in the shower block.

What was the deal Judy made with Lou?

Lou is approached by Judy Bryant who wants to use her phone. She even offers to pay double for the use but Lou declines her offer. Lou meets with Ann Reynolds who wants her to protect Joan Ferguson after she has been released back into general.