What are the best boots for dog walking? Surprising Answer

# Sorel Explorer Joan

Here is another great pick from Sorel. This get’s its pick for being waterproof, fashionable, and easy to put on. The Sorel sole does not provide quite as much traction as other boots, but it’s a great all around pick for those who do not deal with as much snow and ice.

What are the best boots for dog walking?

# Salomon Toundra Pro Climasalomon Waterproof

Another pick for those walking in heavy snow and maybe even snowshoes! Soloman makes a nice boot and these are going to be the ticket if you are romping through some serious snow with the dogs!

What are the best boots for dog walking?


Whether you are walking the dog on icy sidewalks, or just trying to stay on your feet, Danform recommends Icebug for the most Reliable Traction Grip all winter long. Icebug makes studded winter boots with built-in carbide studs on the outsole, for what they call “BUGrip” soles, which grip icy sidewalks and steep banks like snow tires for your feet! The Icebug studded Bugrip models ensure you will not only be able to walk on ice safely but stay on your feet when being pulled behind a full-grown Bernese, grateful to be frolicking in the outdoors.

While Icebug provides the most pound for pound traction available for icy surfaces, they are not an ideal option for surfaces not fully iced or snow-covered, and we do not recommend for indoor use. What these boots lack in versatility, they make up for in unparalleled performance when it counts. Icebug boots are a smart investment for daily Vermont dog walkers. A durable boot, these studded soles will last for years. Factoring in safety and cost per wear, the return on your investment is a win-win.


The retractable traction grip is another best selling option with our dog walking contingent. Designed so you can flip the studs out on icy days and flip them in for walking on smooth surfaces, these double-duty boots offer Vermonty versatility!


When you find those perfect boots for dog walking, youll be a happy camper. And, as much as we like to think were calling the shots in our household, we all know an exercised doggie makes for a happier house all around.

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