What are the top five biggest dogs? Expert Advice

What is the largest dog breed in the world?

When it comes to the largest dog breed in the world, there are a few contenders depending whether you are judging on height standing on all four paws, height when standing on back legs, or weight! The Great Dane is generally recognised as being the largest breed in terms of height – but Irish Wolfhounds and English Mastiffs as worthy contenders too. When it comes to height and weight combined, no one is going to argue with the Mastiff’s claim!

Many of the livestock guarding breeds also come very close to these canine giants in size – and when they’re taking up room in front of the fire, who’s going to argue with an inch or two!

Where some may find them overwhelming due to their large size, giant dog breeds actually make perfect family pets. Discover 10 of our favourite big dog breeds.

While still very much ‘real’ dogs, tiny breeds arent for everyone and while their teeny paws may delight some dog lovers, there are those out there looking for far more dog to love.

Giant dog breeds can seem intimidating, and of course theyll require more upkeep and a lot more space (and a much larger bank balance) than a Chihuahua or a Shih Tzu, but their large size makes them full-on companions, and when well socialised and trained, they can become the most amazing family members.

Read on to find out the largest dog breed in the world and our favourite 10 giant dog breeds!

#10 Biggest Dog Breeds: Neapolitan Mastiff – 110 to 150 Pounds

What are the top five biggest dogs?

Male Neapolitan mastiffs should weigh 150 pounds while females should weigh 110 pounds. Mastiffs are often mistaken as the absolute biggest dog in the world. Nonetheless, the Neapolitan mastiff has many wrinkles and drooping lips. It also has a very prominent head.

These dogs are very protective in their temperament, which poses an intimidating presence for strangers. Their history can be traced back to an ancient Roman dog that may have fought alongside soldiers and graced amphitheaters like the Colosseum.


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but as any puppy aficionado knows, they are always cute—no matter how big or small. Even when a doggo tall enough to drink from the kitchen sink thinks hes a lapdog! Yup, some of the worlds biggest dog breeds are comparable in size to even the largest of humans—like Zeus, the Great Dane, who was basically the height (and weight!) of a professional basketball player.

Zeus was dubbed both the tallest and biggest dog in the world a la Guinness World Records from 2011 to 2013. At age three, Zeus was already 44 inches tall—thats three feet, 8 inches—from the base of his foot to the highest point above his shoulder blade (AKA the dogs withers).

And when standing on his hind legs, Zeus was about the height of some of the NBAs tallest players—7 feet, 4 inches—and weighed 155 pounds!

Sadly, Zeus—who was a beloved therapy dog in Kalamazoo, Michigan—is no longer with us, as his massive size did not guarantee him a particularly long life. Zeus passed away just before his sixth birthday and, to this day, has yet to be dethroned as the biggest dog that ever lived.

Now, a Great Dane named Atlas currently holds the record in living dogs. Hailing from Navarre, Florida, this six-year-old German Harlequin Great Dane weighs 225 pounds and is 4 feet, 4 inches tall.

Got a thing for big dogs? Here are the 15 biggest dog breeds in the world.