What baking ingredients can dogs eat? Simple and Effective Tips

Which Flours For Dog Treat Recipes?

If youre wondering what type of flours can be used in dog treat recipes, the answer is several different kinds. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Made by finely grinding the whole wheat kernel. Contains the full range of nutrients found in wheat.

Almond flour is made from blanched and skinned almonds, which are then finely ground. Gluten and grain free.

Brown rice flour is finely ground brown rice (no kidding!). Gluten free.

Buckwheat is not a grain, its actually the seed of a flowering plant which originated in Asia. Buckwheat flour is low carb, gluten free and grain free.

Made from ground chickpeas, this flour is grain free and gluten free.

Made from ground coconut meat (the white part of the coconut). Gluten free and grain free.

Made from ground oats. Gluten free.

Quinoa flour is made from finely ground quinoa seeds. Gluten and grain free.

Made from finely ground whole grain sorghum. Gluten free

Learn about each flour listed above… nutrients, texture, taste, recipe recommendations and more Flour for Dog Treat Recipes.

If youre interested in making a gluten free flour blend which you can use to replace whole-wheat or all purpose flours on a cup to cup basis check this article out Gluten Free Flour Blends for Dog Treat Recipes

1 Frozen Fall Pumpkin Treats / Spencer the Goldendoodle

This easy dog treat recipe is perfect for anyone — it only uses three ingredients and takes less than 15 minutes to make and clean up (not including freeze time). You’re going to need one can of 100% pumpkin puree, one cup plain yogurt, an a half cup peanut butter.

Three ingredients, freeze time 12 hours.

Cheesy Bone Treats / Sugar The Golden Retriever

These homemade dog treats will make your kitchen smell awesome; good lucking keeping your dog out of the kitchen while making these. You’ll need four cups of flour, two cups of shredded cheese, some oil, and water – just that simple.

Four ingredients, 3 hour cook time.

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